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BBSHD assist turns off at 6 MPH

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    BBSHD assist turns off at 6 MPH

    Since the start, my BBSHD kit has had problems with the PAS and I stumbled across a break through!

    Behavior: Regardless of the assist settings (0-5, 0-9, UBE) , the motor provides assistance which scales with the PAS level until the speedometer reaches about 6 mph. At this point, it reduces to the same amount of power as level 0.

    My short term fix has been setting the speed limit to 50 KPH which makes this behavior disappear yet not street legal.

    Tonight, I pulled the speed sensor away from the wheel and the 6 MPH limit disappeared. Naturally, I got the Error 15H reported since it couldn't detect my speed. Every time I allowed it to read the speed, the effect returned. Could this be a mistake on programming the controller from the Luna shop?

    Build Stats:
    BBSHD with 750w programming
    Brakes with Sensors
    Speedometer Extension cable
    One Brake Cable Extension
    Luna 750c Display
    52v Mini cube batter

    Luna 750c Display Setup
    Wheel 103cm
    Battery 52v
    No Start Password

    Imperial Units
    3 brightness
    5 minutes Auto Off
    Digital Scenes
    Voltage Battery Indication

    Speed Limit 32 km/h
    Current Limit 30A (have tried 25A as well)
    1 Pole in motor
    Start after 3 Poles
    Clockwise Start
    No Throttle 6km

    No Throttle Level
    Start Mode ECO
    Assist Levels 9 (have tried all three)
    No Key antijam

    Thanks for reading my post and please let me know if you have any ideas on root cause and how to correct.

    I can't speak to whether it's a programing issue or not but I've haven't heard or run into this issue. Do you have a programing cable? If so, you could try installing a one of the other pre-made settings in the programing discussion and see if that take care of issue.


      I think I may have a similar problem... I have similar kit, this is all new to me and I've not done many miles yet. On setting off I feel the power kick in, within a few yards (which may well be 6MPH) I can feel the assistance drop away to nothing and I can see on the screen the bars that tell of how much power is being used/needed/given drop to zero. I work around by using the throttle - a sort of manual rather than automatic assist. Sometimes even with the throttle I can see and feel the power drop off.
      Battery life is way lower than expectations too.
      Any advice out there. I will disconnect the speed sensor and see what happens.
      Many thanks