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Prepping BBS02 setup for winter?

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    Prepping BBS02 setup for winter?

    What's up guys, I haven't been around the forum in awhile. My Bafang BBS02 e-bike build now has well over 2,000 flawless miles on it, since mid-March. I put 60-80 miles more per week on the bike, and love every second of it.

    So now winter is coming, and I'm planning a complete teardown and rebuild of my road bike commuter. It will get a complete service with cleaning of everything, re-greasing everything, new cables and housing, bar tape, possibly some new bearings, etc. Normally I switch out commuting on both the road bike and the e-bike, but while the road bike is down of course I'll be using the e-bike even more, most likely. And I'm hoping that I'll be able to commute more than I did last winter, since the trip is faster so I won't be out in the cold as long.

    My question is there anything special I should do to prepare my e-bike setup for the cold, winter months? In the Memphis area it doesn't get SUPER cold. Snow is very rare (1-2 inches per year, usually). We actually get ice more often than snow. It's also rare for temps to stay below freezing for extended periods. Below freezing nights are common, but staying below freezing night and day continuously might happen for a week at most in January or February. Salt, sand and brine are sometimes used on roads if freezing precipitation is in the forecast, but there's usually not that much of it.

    The bike already has SKS fenders on it, and I'm hoping to make some sort of custom extended mudflaps for them. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    Only prepping I can think of is use dielectric grease on connectors and contacts in case of road salt. Also don't keep the battery stored in the freezing cold or it will lose charge until it warms up.