Finally I got a BBSHD and a 28ah Sanyo/Pana GA battery pack, 4amp charger ordered..., while waiting for the kit to arrive, I got all sorts of questions popping up :)

I will be using the bike as a commuter to and from Work... roughly a 20mile roundtrip (30-35km). I do not expect to be wanting to go faster than 25mph (40kmh)

Chainring - original for starters - when upgrading should I go for a 42t or 48t, I do not want to kill myself spinning the pedals to keep up... is there any good and reasonable cheap alternative to the lekkies, the BTN chainring from china looks to be around 70usd, not sure that it is really worth it as an alternative to precialps or lekkie at 100usd???

Programming/settings - any good cruising/commuting settings for recommendations??? no really steep hills, but will be hauling my 125kg :D

Is there any stuff I will absolutely need to get asap, besides the programming cable???

kind regards