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BBSHD speed sensor torn off

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    BBSHD speed sensor torn off


    today was my first ride with my new BBSHD. Somehow I managed to "loose" my speed sensor. In fact it's torn off (as you can see in the picture attached).

    Well, how can I replace it? I think just a new speed sensor won't help, right? I think I'd need to replace the cable also. But how and where can I get one?

    The second question is: Can I ride without it (at least for now)? It seems to work first but after a while it shows an error. Turning on and off works (for a while). Is there a way without restarting all the time? I have to mention that I currently have no programming cable though.

    I appreciate your help!

    In the picture, I think you are looking at the guts of the part that tore off. See if the end comes off and leaves you with a normal looking plug ready for a new sensor.

    Change the auto off feature to no auto off in display menu. Error code will still show, but it will remain on for the ride.


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        I did the exact same thing today. I forgot you had to unscrew the sensor so I just went to unplug it and snapped it in half. I freaked out for a few minutes thinking I'd broken the actual cable and not just the speed sensor!
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          A good part to keep in your parts kit!