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Anyone running 67 volts through the BBSHD?

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    Anyone running 67 volts through the BBSHD?

    Hey forum members, getting ready to up my battery to a 67 volt if I can without changing from the stock controller. Has anyone done this successfully? Need feedback from those who have done this, thanks in advance.

    Well, I haven't tried it, so.....

    Anyway, 60V is the limit based upon the hardware inside, and I believe there is even overvoltage protection which prevents you from trying more. I have failed one controller on my BBSHD, and it happened when i connected my charger, I believe. That's close to 60V charging, and it was on when I connected. I suspect that is the highest voltage that controller ever saw, 58.9 something indicated as I recall. Controller didn't work on next ride.

    Now, I've done the same with 3 other controllers, with no issue, but it makes me think we are pushing them pretty close. That's the best I've got for a first-hand experience I can relate for you.

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