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Using my Iphone as a display.

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    Using my Iphone as a display.

    Hello fellow E bikers, Treky here, and this is my first post but certainly not my last.

    I fitted a BBs01 250 W kit to my 12 year old Trek fx7300 a few months ago. And it is an understatement to say it has revolutionised my bike use! As a 68 yo fart, for me hills don't exist any more and although I still put a fair bit of work into my ride, I'm almost looking for hills to ride up and strong headwinds to puff me out.

    I am convinced that for those persons of my age, whose bikes are rusting in their garages, both e bikes and conversions are a market about to go into blast off mode.

    But enough of this. I noticed in my app store a couple of apps called "Bafang" and downloaded them. Of course they are of no use as my BBs 01 does not come with bluetooth functionality.

    Can anyone recommend an after market transponder (is the what they are called?), I can plug into the wiring to send a bluetooth signal to my Iphone?

    The reason is simply that I am running out of space on my handlebars, what with bell, lights, water bottle and other bling. Inconveniently, my factory display sits in the horizontal, taking more space than it need to. My iphone has to sit in its quad lock on the head stem. Now, if I can eliminate the factory display, then I can navigate, listen to music and control my bike with one gadget....voila!

    Cheers and thanks for any ideas even if my dream is not a possibility,

    Mark, AKA Treky

    Hello Treky and welcome. I am new here too. Try EggRider I have their V2 on order.


      Wow!!! Thanks to you eWilliam. Certainly will follow this one up. May I ask how much this cost, $'s US, and I can convert to Au?
      The multi functionality seems so comprehensive I'll have to maintain concentration on actually riding :^)


        75 GBP converted to US$108.92.


          Thanks eWilliam.
          Au $140, I hope it works!
          However the deal breaker is, from reading the material and looking in my app store, the EggRider is for Android phones only.
          Is that your understanding? I messaged them to see if they plan to bring out an IOS reply yet. Does it have navigation built in?



            It's not real clear on their website whether IOS is supported or not. I thought the picture of the phones showed an iPhone. Oh well, you could probably pick up a cheap android phone to use just for this. A data plan is probably not needed. The good thing is that most android phones have built-in gps.


              Try this link

              this mini display may well satisfy most now.


                I’d take one of those when available!


                  So, in communications with EggRider about this V2 minimalist display, which is IOS compatible, I'll give you my question and their answer...
                  Treky -
                  - "It seems to me that your small display duplicates what appears on the smart phone. Is this to allow the phone to do other things like navigate etc? I'm trying to clear space on my handlebars, and so is it necessary to purchase, and/or fit the small display? I think all I really want is the little transponder to send bluetooth to my phone."
                  Eggrider -
                  "Yes, we basically replaced the Bluetooth dongle with a minimalist display.
                  The app is used for configurations, to show larger values and display stats and graphs."

                  I interpret their reply as - 1/ Unpack the minimalist display with great fanfare!
                  2/ Remove ur old display & plug in the new minimalist jobbie.
                  3/ Download the V2 app to ur phone
                  4/ Configure to suit. ( I hope this includes clear instructions, I'm not an electronics engineer))
                  5/ And this is the crucial part. Presume that the minimalist display is acting as a transponder sending a signal to the phone. I'm sure this is correct. That the phone will by default show the same info as the minimalist display when the app is active. This then means that I can use the minimalist display without the phone, or with my phone on the bars, use it to navigate, text (kidding!) or get more comprehensive info about performance on a larger screen. That, in effect I can control the functions of the motor like power level on either, swiping my phone screen to scroll through what other apps I have running.

                  Thanks Tommie & eWilliam. Harold, For me the price delivered to Oz will be GBP 75. min. Do the math, not cheap. I'm going to order one though albeit fingers crossed. eWilliam, have they given you a delivery date to the States?


                    Treky, I concur with your interpretation on how this minimalist display will work, based on what i read on their site. I have no shipping info yet. Just sometime late April or early May is all they say.


                      I got a message back from them yesterday, it seems the mini display gives you the important basic info, the phone goes into more detail,
                      also, and this is important, you can preset your `Road` and `Off Road` parameters (legal and illegal maybe?!!) and conveniently switch between the two as needs be without messing around with cables etc
                      For us in the UK that means `Road` = 250w and 15.5 mph and `Off Road` anything you like.
                      It would be a good idea if switching between was PIN coded.


                        Cool. Gradually I'm figuring out the true function of this device, but I don't think EggRider are doing the product a service on their site. Why? Like a lot of things these days (take shampoo and conditioner for example) they are so busy telling us about how fantastic it is, they don't really tell us WHAT it is!

                        I just want a detailed description of what the device can offer me without flicking into electro jargon. What, for example, does "Work mode(Angular Speed of pedal/wheel*10) mean from the screen? I hope there are sufficient instructions or a glossary of terms.
                        Why didn't the original promotion just say it was for Android only?

                        I was sold my BBS01 on the basis that it would give me 250w.....which is fine and has plenty of grunt for me. On the bottom of the motor is engraved 350w. I thought they had made a mistake, like what is going on? By changing to 'off road' with my BBS01 what will I get? I'm strictly a road user/commuter by the way.

                        I think that I will wait till the app is released & check it out....I wonder when. Then I will decide to buy or not to buy.

                        Notice the irony anyone? In an effort to clear space on my handlebars, I'm buying a new device to put on my handlebars...... :^)

                        Cheers. 26 degrees and fine in the UK we hear in Oz. Great cycling weather.


                          Hi everyone. I'm Emil, one of developers of Eggrider. To be precise, I'm in charge with the hardware/embedded part (display), while my partner George does the app programming.
                          As many of you pointed out, we could do better to explain the features, and we will, but for now there's so much you can do in a day, between the day job and the other projects.

                          Disclaimer, this is not an attempt to sell more products, but to provide answers should anyone need them. I am 100% affiliate to the company, and please keep that in mind when reading my posts.

                          Here are a few answers:
                          Q: Does it work on IOS?
                          A: The previous generation, EggriderBeta was based on the pre-bluetooth 4.0 architecture, hence the incompatibility with Iphone. For the Eggrider V2 we adopted a BLE architecture, and the app is developed in a cross-platform environment. We're even considering support for Windows phone, in case anyone prefers that, but no commitment of course for Windows. We do not have Google Play and App store accounts at the moment of writing

                          Q: what does the product offer?
                          A: depending on the motor platform, we offer as much functionality as the motor allows us. For Bafang, we're mainly focusing on setting the speed limits and power limits for legal compliance. But effectively, the whole set of parameters that can be set for Bafang, can be configured flexibly for ROAD and OffRoad. Different controller brands will have different settings though.
                          There re a number of addition features that only very expensive bikes offer: battery voltage, current, precise battery percentage, range estimation, efficiency estimation (Wh/mi) and battery series resistance measurements. Of course all the current trip data is available.
                          The app has a nice features where we plot the whole trip graphs with voltage, current, efficiency and terrain altitude for each trip. That can be used externally for analysis or to be shared.

                          Q: will it clutter my handlebar?
                          A: the footprint of the display is roughly the same as the button module on the original Bafang display. We're fans of removing things from the handlebar, but the data rich display is well worth the space in our opinion.

                          Q: Can the device be locked in "Road" mode?
                          A: yes, we have a lock feature, where the "Offroad" mode is available only if the app connects to the device. We're considering using even stricter lock strategies (password, etc) but it might be a bit of an overkill.

                          Thank you all for your interest.
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                            Approved your post, Sorry for the delays. Good to see you posting here though. I love my EggRider. :)

                          Originally posted by emilx View Post
                          Q: Can the device be locked in "Road" mode?
                          A: yes, we have a lock feature, where the "Offroad" mode is available only if the app connects to the device. We're considering using even stricter lock strategies (password, etc) but it might be a bit of an overkill.
                          I think this is important, very important.
                          In the event of an accident it would be a very good idea if there was only the `Road` option to be seen and accessed. I would suggest either a PIN code or a certain button press sequence to get to the `OffRoad`mode.

                          Good luck with the venture i`m certainly a potential buyer,
                          btw when do you think it will be ready to market?


                            Thanks emlix great to see a developer on Electricbike, I get the drift now. All we need is notification about when the app might pop up.