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Using my Iphone as a display.

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    Welcome emilx. Great to see you here. The v2 looks very impressive. When will you begin shipping?
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      Thanks all for great words. The displays are being produced and we expect to ship them out in the second week of April.
      In all honesty, we have not fully tested the Iphone variant of the app because we need to acquire the Apple gear first, but we'll get there in time for the delivery.

      We'll create a feedback website where all of users can request software functions or report bugs, and they can be voted. We'll know this way how to maximise the overall satisfaction.


        Like that website idea. Does that mean we will be notified about new versions of the app as other developers do?
        Ordered one today ^--^


          My EggRider v2 order just changed to a status of shipped, so hopefully I will have it soon.


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            Looking forward to the review!

          I just bought a DPC-18 from Luna a week or so ago because Eggrider still had 'pre-order' on the web site and the site still said 'April' delivery and we were well into May. Keep us posted on the v2.


            I just received my EggRider V2. It looks pretty nice. Simple to hook up. Review to follow.


              Anyone with a review?


                Originally posted by emilx View Post
                Hi everyone. I'm Emil, one of developers of Eggrider. To be precise, I'm in charge with the hardware/embedded part (display), while my partner George does the app programming.
                As many of you pointed out, we could do better to explain the features, and we will, but for now there's so much you can do in a day, between the day job and the other projects.

                Disclaimer, this is not an attempt to sell more products, but to provide answers should anyone need them. I am 100% affiliate to the company, and please keep that in mind when reading my posts.

                Here are a few answers:
                Q: Does it work on IOS?
                A: The previous generation, EggriderBeta was based on the pre-bluetooth 4.0 architecture, hence the incompatibility with Iphone. For the Eggrider V2 we adopted a BLE architecture, and the app is developed in a cross-platform environment. We're even considering support for Windows phone, in case anyone prefers that, but no commitment of course for Windows. We do not have Google Play and App store accounts at the moment of writing

                Q: what does the product offer?
                A: depending on the motor platform, we offer as much functionality as the motor allows us. For Bafang, we're mainly focusing on setting the speed limits and power limits for legal compliance. But effectively, the whole set of parameters that can be set for Bafang, can be configured flexibly for ROAD and OffRoad. Different controller brands will have different settings though.
                There re a number of addition features that only very expensive bikes offer: battery voltage, current, precise battery percentage, range estimation, efficiency estimation (Wh/mi) and battery series resistance measurements. Of course all the current trip data is available.
                The app has a nice features where we plot the whole trip graphs with voltage, current, efficiency and terrain altitude for each trip. That can be used externally for analysis or to be shared.

                Q: will it clutter my handlebar?
                A: the footprint of the display is roughly the same as the button module on the original Bafang display. We're fans of removing things from the handlebar, but the data rich display is well worth the space in our opinion.

                Q: Can the device be locked in "Road" mode?
                A: yes, we have a lock feature, where the "Offroad" mode is available only if the app connects to the device. We're considering using even stricter lock strategies (password, etc) but it might be a bit of an overkill.

                Thank you all for your interest.
                can you tell me how to get into settings?

                the + and - dont do anything



                  Have to say... the new (Bafang sourced?) 700 color mini display Luna is now offering is a nail in the coffin of the Eggrider v2. I have spoken online to many riders who say that they love the idea but in practice its just too small to comfortably read. Now there is a mini color handlebar display thats about double the Eggrider's size. Maybe a little more. And... its not subject to the beta cycle growing pains that the Eggrider is still going thru. Spoke to a good friend yesterday who has one and his take is its not yet ready for prime time. Its getting closer and it will be there someday. But not today. He only uses it for the programming. And has the same problem reading its tiny numerals.

                  Another nail in that same coffin: The Eggrider v2 mini display can now be found on AliExpress for about US$70 delivered. Looks like whoever they contracted with to build that hardware has decided they can go direct. Yay China. :-|

                  No programming and they have changed the readout so the speedo number is full screen. Not the same product but it fills a need for anyone who feels they want that display.