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    Suggestions Required

    I need some suggestions from you guys and gals about which Bafang model to get. My requirements are as follows:

    * capable to get a max speed of 35mph on a flat surface
    * comfort ride
    * little or no off-road use
    * travel short distances max10miles to and return
    * travel mainly on road flat and hilly sections
    * must be able to handle hilly areas with little loss of speed say 25-30mph with minimal pedalling.

    I think most of the Bafang mid drive can handle this and this is the first time I build an e-bike so useful suggestions are welcomed. Since I prefer comfort and safety over fast speed any suggestions
    should include:
    * cost-effective Bafang Model kit, will 36V battery sufficient or 48V is better?
    * size of tyres and what brand
    * Is lighter bike preferred over heavier one? If not why not
    any other inputs/suggestions are welcomed.
    BTW I haven't bought my bike yet.

    Many thanks.

    If you'll treat it like a moped - Bafang Ultra (requires custom frame)
    If you will pedal once in a while - BBSHD (no custom frame required)