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    Alternate Kill Switch

    Hi, I want to wire in an additional kill switch, similar to what happens when you pull the brake lever. I would use it when shifting or if I want to coast and just pedal for minute without having to constantly adjust the boost level. I was thinking of using a momentary push button. Any suggestions on accomplishing this and where I could wire it into the motor? My motor has 2 wiring harnesses not currently in use. One is a 2 wire flat connector, the other looks to be the same as the brake connection. Not sure what they do, and I can't find information on these in the manual.

    Here's an option for BBSxx kits.

    It plugs into one of the brake cut-off ports, so if you use it, only 1 of your 2 brake levers will have the cut-off active. I'm not sure if you could splice this in parallel with one of the brake cut-off cables so both it and the brake lever cut-off would work at the same time. I'm guessing yes, but having cut-off on one of the two brake handles may be enough. (I have one of these and that's how I do it)..

    The other option of course is the gear sensor which cuts the motor briefly when you shift gears.