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    bafang bbs ... test

    I would like someone who has bbs01 250w (or 02, hd) to do the following test. On a slope of known grade: try to climb using 200w of power; switch to the lowest gear combination, accelerate to a speed at which power reading would be 200 or around so, keep going for a few min; write down: grade %, speed, weight of you+bike, gear combination, wheel size, power. Do the same on a flat road. It can be done with 250-1000w motor. With lower power motors Im particularly interested in how it works: whether it pulls easy and smoothly or hard, any noise, etc.

    My BBSHD PAS is set to constant power so these types of consideration are very easy. 200w in my lowest gear (46t rear / 42t front / 26x4.7") will climb reasonable grades slowly (<5mph) but 1000w will climb pretty much anything. 200w level depends on so many factors... even light wind and gentle slopes will have big effects.

    I GPS log everything at 1hz and have gone up grades approaching 100%.

    At any power my configuration is nothing but exceptionally smooth.

    500w will get me around but much breeze or slope and more is better... some very steep stuff pushes that limit.

    Don't know how much that helps...


      5mph is 8 kmh not so bad. Could you do a more precise test, take a slope of known grade and go there at slow but confident speed ~9-10 kmh, not like you are going to stop any moment and measure power at that speed. Then it can be done at higher power and speed, but again I need exact values of all the parameters. What I want to know is how practical energy consumption under given conditions wh/km differs from the theoretical given by calculators.
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        I understand your goals - I'm benefited by having an amp/volt/wattmeter that logs along with speed and it's pretty easy to correlate those logs with the GPS logs.

        Getting around to doing it is the hard part =] Especially since biking weather around town has turned a little nasty - 46°C (115°F) today! And it will get worse.

        I still ride and if I do some really steep stuff (often do) I'll try to do it in such a way to limit the power or speed to get you numbers at lower powers that I can just download over a beer or two after the hot ride... no promises though...