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multiple front gear with Bafang BBSHD Chainring Adapter HD130

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    multiple front gear with Bafang BBSHD Chainring Adapter HD130

    I bought the "Bafang BBSHD Chainring Adapter HD130 from California ebike". I was told that with this I could put 2 gear instead of one on my BBSHD 1000 . Now I just read that it is to replace the gear the come with the Bafang.

    is the chainring adaptor is there to Replace the 42T (or 46T) that come with the bike ?

    if yes, how can I put 2 gear on my Bafang ?

    I have a strange setup with two motors on my Solar eBike.
    my goal when I build the bike was to climb very big hill and it work :-)
    but when I am on flat surface, I sometime would like to go fast, but my current front gear is a 42T , and before the solar roof and the second motor (Bafang), I use to have 40T-52T-60T and even with the 60T my leg were spinning too fast. I was hoping to get higher than 60T ;-)
    but the California chainring adaptor is limited to 55T in the description

    I use a similar adapter and I suppose with the proper hardware there's nothing to stop you from putting a ring on both sides of the adapter. It would likely be pointless on my bike as the chain line on the outer one would be horrible. There's also nothing to stop you from using any size 130bcd ring, not sure why they might suggest a limit of 55t.