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BBS02 now totally intermittent!

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    BBS02 now totally intermittent!

    Thanks to Ron Richings for leading me to the site! Back in Oct 2017 Ibought an anniversary sale BBS02 and ha e loved it, I our local bike shop put it On my Surly Big Dummy. Made my beast a fast beast, even took the hills out of Port Townsend. Now nearly 500 miles later is getting buggy. Assist seems to dying more and more, error 30 showed up, and we disconnected and then reconnected control cables, which worked for less than 24 hours. Next came error 4? so we disconnected the throttle. That did nothing about the sudden loss of assist. NOTE, I almost never use the throttle anyway. Now the loss of assist is so frequent I quit riding my beast. Seller has been contacted and their email back and forth with more questions than solutions is not helping.

    FRUSTRATED in Port Townsend☹️
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    I am having similar issues, but no error messages thrown. Replaced Controller to no avail. My plan is to purchase a second kit and start process of elimination.

    However, my intention with this kit was to have a reliable commuter, which I had for 2200 miles.