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BBSHD: when max speed is reached, the motor "holds" me down

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    BBSHD: when max speed is reached, the motor "holds" me down

    Hi guys!
    Newbie here.
    i just got my bbshd kit, with a nice 52V 17.5Ah battery. Loving the power of it all!
    But i need to get my head around something, cause i am fighting the motor from time to time.

    I use the PAS most of the time, and try to get as much range out of it, so playing around with the settings and programming it via USB.

    When have it set to PAS 3, for example, and that is set to a speed of 20km/h (x% of the max speed)
    then when i want to go faster by my self, put some more muscle power in it, it feels like the motor is holding me back.
    Sort of saying: he, the max speed is already reached (for this PAS level), so you can not go any faster by your self.
    this is a pretty annoying feeling.

    So, then, when i put it into a PAS 4 or 5, then suddenly it is the other way around, the motor thinks: he, the max speed is not reached yet, lets put on some turbo boost to reach then.
    So then suddenly i get a boost by the engine, and NOT by my own power. so, waisting power actually.

    How to smooth this behaviour out a bit?
    So, i want to go faster by own power and the motor does not hold me back.

    when i increase the PAS level, i dont want the turbo boost. Just to have more max-speed that I can reach, and the assist helps me when it is needed (like a hill or something)

    I hope i explained my self a bit clearly.
    Again, still new, and trying to understand the different settings and their relationship between them and the actual impact on driving the bike.


    I think what you are feeling is just the difference in assist and non-assist. It not like it's turning on the brakes. If you are in a smaller rear cog that's just the torque you need to apply. Shifting may help in this instance but level 3 is what I use most all the time with a bit of throttle thrown in.


      The BBSHD does have some resistance, more than the BBS02 but nothing like a direct drive hub motor. I feel the same thing as the motor cuts out at 25 MPH, it is a quick cutout not gradual. That is what I think you are feeling the quick cut off/on of the motor. I would like to try a toque sensor; reviewers say it is the most natural feeling power application.


        It could be the cadence cutoff? I use the following setting. post 157 from the programming thread.

        Keep Current = 100%, effectively disabling the cadence limit. This way, the "top speed" of a given PAS level can be quite varied, via gearing + how fast I wanna spin, moment to moment.