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Rat Rod stretch cruiser bbs02 questions on setup

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    Rat Rod stretch cruiser bbs02 questions on setup

    Hey guys After writing with gary luna i'm considering a bbs02, from a magicPie(less wires showing the better for the 'look') stretch cruiser frame it's a basman clone, (micargi royal frame) . i'm mostly going to use this in beach towns in jersey all flat maybe a few bridges here and there.I don't think over 20-25 mph is needed.. This is my first build and now that i'm considering a mid drive i'm not sure what to do with the rear wheel. front is a 26" wheelmaster i picked up at a local bike shop and put some fat franks on it. I have a monarch springer fork on the front. brown fat frank tires.

    does the rear need to be geared? I plan on welding on rear disc break tabs. this is going to be a beach town cruiser house to house... bar to bar
    What rear wheel do i go for? is single speed ok with these motors?
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    Some gears would be a good thing. Seems to me that bike is crying for a geared rear hub. It wouldn't spoil the look and the bike would work great w/ 5-7 speeds (gears) - use a half grip shifter on the right and a thumb throttle on the left.

    Single speed would be a big compromise, it would either slow off the line or limited in speed. The Bafang's RPM/cadence tops out at 150 or so and it doesn't like to deliver full torque at low RPM.
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