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BBSHD PAS0 issue. Powers when moving pedals

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    BBSHD PAS0 issue. Powers when moving pedals

    Just installed my second BBSHD kit on my new commute bike. Used both EM3EV and Karl's special sauce .el settings without succes. The bike assist when pedaling also in PAS 0!

    Basic info

    52 V 17,5 Ah
    PAS 0-9

    I want to use PAS 0 to be able to drive the bike purely on throttle and pedal if I want, without extra power assist.

    Is it strange that it supports in PAS 0???

    It is very simple. Just change the PAS 0 program settings to the same as another level of PAS and it will work for you. I use the same settings as PAS 1 so I can maneuver slowly without pedaling and it gets around the display resetting to 0 when you are stopped and touch a brake.

    If you don't want any throttle in PAS 0 then set current limit to 0 and speed limit to 0. If you want full throttle capability in PAS 0 then set PAS 0 to "1" for current and "1" for speed. I limit PAS 0 because other people get on the trike and I don't want it to get away from them and cause a danger.

    The image below is for my BBS02 on a Scorpion FS 26 with a Nuvinci n380 rear hub (no cassette or derailleurs)
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        Actually, I was wrong about PAS 0. I had used my trike with the throttle in PAS 0 but never used the pedals at the same time. I have had the trike in the garage the past couple of weeks while the forest fire smoke was so bad we couldn't go outside. I tried pedaling in PAS 0 with my settings and it did provide power assist so it appears if there are any values in the PAS 0 it will provide assist. It is a trade-off for me. The DPC-18 goes to zero if I am not pedaling and touch a brake that has a sensor or if I move the gear selector (has a sensor). If I come to a stop it is a pain to remember to reset the PAS to something higher than zero so the throttle will work while thinking about how to get up a hill or get turned around. I will leave my settings as is. There may be a circuit mod that can be done to allow using the throttle with no PAS sensing at all. Maybe Bafang will do a firmware upgrade to allow the selection of throttle and no PAS in the future??????


          It is always hard to find articles about the same subject that are placed under different sections of a forum. This may be what you are looking for.