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BBSHD kill switch from gear interrupter

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    BBSHD kill switch from gear interrupter

    I imagine one just has to short out a couple of pins. Of course there are three pins to choose from. Little help? I haven't had much luck with trial and error recently.

    There are three pins - one is +5V, one ground and the other is the input (see drawing). Probing with a voltmeter should be easy to confirm the ground and +5V polarity and confirming is always a good idea. I don't know for certain that the input expects ground and not +5V (maybe someone else with hand's on can confirm) but based on my direct experience with the throttle signal and pedal cadence sensor signal would start with measuring the voltage on the open input pin expecting it to read ~+5V. Confirming ~+5V on the input pin I'd then ground the input pin and confirm that you get the indication on the display that the cutout is activated.

    Click image for larger version

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      There is a green button kill switch available also
      Hi everyone! I just signed up and this is my first post. I have installed a BBSHD kit w/750c display and 52v 13.5AH shark battery onto my 2017 GT Traffic. I have
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        Is this mod in addition to both brake cut-outs?
        See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


          I'm pretty sure he just wants a kill switch that will give a fast stop to a WOT type failure (or other?) without interfering with any existing brake/gear cutouts


            Great pic of the pin outs! Doh! I only use one brake so I can use the other as kill switch. Just attached the magnet near the grip and can knock it off in a panic. I do tend to make things more complicated than necessary.

            AZdude, lost another one this weekend, you are one of the few who probably know this feeling and are old enough to be mature about it. Felling pretty sad so I am listening to the Highwayman over and over.

            I fly a star-ship across the Universe divide
            And when I reach the other side
            I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
            Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
            Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
            But I will remain
            And I'll be back again, and again and again and again and again


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              So sorry to hear - plenty old enough but it's not really any easier - had the same in February

              You could always cut into a brake cable (or gear sensor cable they're the same) or if you wanted something "clean" just get an extension cable and make a little adapter. When I run mine throttle-only (like in the other thread) I disconnect the rear brake sensor so I can nudge a little throttle and rear brake simultaneously - always leaving the front sensor connected since I want that front brake to always disconnect power. I have my brakes setup moto-style with the front on the left so I never grab the wrong one. I don't really need a kill since I have that front brake muscle memory etched deep into my cerebellum but I totally get the concept for WOT throttle failures and someone that doesn't have that built in muscle memory - might be a good idea for my loan-out bike!!!

              I like the idea of a magnet you knock off - very simple and as long as the magnet has a lanyard it won't get lost

              My trip up your way got superceded by a very large contract - but I'm going to make it happen next year!

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              Everyone calling me, news gets everything wrong, hurtful speculation by everyone, damn.

              Is front on left "moto style"? I have moved to front on right like my moto bike, however after a year I still grab the wrong one.

              I am thinking magnet on the loan out bike that goes to the persons sleeve or something on their body so it kills like a jetski. The thing it would solve is them walking away from the bike and leaving it on for someone else to grab and let loose on the world with no rider. Happens more than one would think.

              Planning a trip around the Lake so we can ride for days.

            I have one of these on a bike I couldn't fit a gear sensor onto (space issue). Would also work great as a kill switch so long as you keep your thumb on it.


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              Do you have a link?

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              Not handy but you can go to California EBike and look in their parts area. Its there for sure. About $15 IIRC.