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Need help!! Bafang Ultra max

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    Need help!! Bafang Ultra max

    So i have reprogrammed this ultra max a lot and nothing works... The only thing I haven't gotten into is the torque settings..I've changed a few things but not a lot.... so this is what it does, its hard pedaling uphill, I just end up going to a higher pedal assist to get moving and the once you get the rpms or cadence I don't know which up to speed the motor suddenly kicks in!! its like make it hard when you are struggling but then give you a boost when you are not!! I really hate this motor...does anyone have any idea how to reverse this torque sensing motor so it does the opposite of what it does now before I throw the bike in the trash!! Plus my battery life sucks too, the bike weighs like 40 pounds its not my BBS02 on my hardtail that I loved...PLEASE HELP!!

    went with the settings posted here:
    Background Doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there yet on configuring the Bafang Max Drive even though e-bikes with this mid drive are becoming more popular, so thought I’d document my experience with it as a starter for others interested in configuring it. My e-bike My requirement was a...

    its a lot need to address the battery drain