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Help with a Sun EZ3 USX recumbent

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    Help with a Sun EZ3 USX recumbent

    I have a 12+ year old Sun EZ3 USX recumbent trike [ Starting in 2009 the Sun EZ USX became the Sun EZ USX HD ]

    I’m considering getting the
    Bafang BBSHD 1000W 48V Ebike Motor with 850C LCD Display 8fun Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kits , with Battery 48V 17.5AH

    I have looked through all the post that came up under “recumbent” only 1 had a USX but he had removed the mid steering.

    According to the seller the above motor will work After I sent them some photos. =“Hello, yes, it fit.

    Here is where I need your help

    I'm just not sure which of the below [see photos of items] to order I have sent a emails to the seller requesting some help on where to measure {note the arrows on the bike photo} so I know which 1 to order, but have Not heard back from them.

    Any special tools that I might need?

    Any other helpful ideas , hints or suggestions ?

    Senior citizen , but will have the help of some more experienced personal hopefully.

    Thank you Rick

    When I first joined the forum I asked a similar question and got a real nasty reply about being to lazy to do a search. The short answer is do a browser search "BBSHD on Sun EZ3 USX". You will get lots of hits. A few to this forum.


      calfee20 "The short answer is do a browser search "BBSHD on Sun EZ3 USX""

      Thanks for that idea.
      Looking at some now.