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BAFANG Max Drive, 562Wh, Battery drowned

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    BAFANG Max Drive, 562Wh, Battery drowned


    I have the BAFANG Max Drive Factory fitted on my bike. I have a 36v 562Wh battery with unknown branding.

    In the display settings I can change the Max speed to 50 km/h. The motor now does not stop at 25 as per EU regulations but now my battery is drowning really fast. I really don’t go that fast. My top speed is arround 35 km/h. The battery is now empty arround 40km’s. Factory specs say. 140km/h.

    Is this normaal or is my battery broken?

    If I told you the 140km/h (140km - range, not speed) was a typo and it should have read 40km, would you feel better? Especially at the speed you're going now.

    I'm not trying to be funny of flippant, really. I think you're getting about the correct range, for where you are (flatlands).
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