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    I already opened a new topic on this but since no response is coming, I also try here.

    Brand new BBSHD + 965 + 30 mighty + Satiator from Luna and 52V battery, 15 Amp, 25R cells assembled 14S 6P.
    Initially all was ok, First 4-5 miles great. T
    hen accelerating and releasing the throttle, the motor continued to run. Turning off and then on again the controller, the motor stopped, but accelerating and releasing always kept running. Then the battery charge indicator of the C965 started to decline very quickly even if the battery was fully charged. Soon after, the pedal assistance has started to create problems; by pedalling the motor started but ceasing to pedal the motor continued to run. Something pretty dangerous ...Last issue, the display has failed. I mounted a new c965, the accelerator always had the same problem and after a few hundred meters has also marred the second C965. I mounted a 961, the throttle works, but with the assisted pedalling the motor is very irregular.
    Please help.


      If it was only the accelerating problem, with motor staying on with throttle released, I would suspect it's simply a sticking or failed throttle. But, that wouldn't cause your range to drop on the displays. With 2 displays apparently failing to work properly on your bike, I think the trouble is elsewhere. Maybe a wiring problem between the display and motor? Or, you have 2 problems, throttle and something else.

      I don't know what is wrong, but I will suggest three things to try.
      1. Unplug the throttle to see if that improves things at all.
      2. Look very carefully at all the wiring, including at the pins in the connectors, to make sure it's not pinched, cut, or damaged anyplace.
      3. Check battery voltage directly with a meter, while the display is saying it is low. You could plug a meter into the charge leads to do this if you make sure nothing can short. If the voltage significantly drops when the range indication drops, that's probably a pack problem, not a display problem.

      Be careful and don't ride it except for responsible, careful testing, until you have the motor back under control.
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        Been riding my new Ebike for a few weeks now :)

        Deadeye Monster, BBSHD, 52V bottle, Shimano 3 speed IGH, 30 tooth Mighty Mini, 26 tooth rear.

        Most of my riding has been "preliminary testing" in my yard before heading to the mountains.
        A few days ago, pedaling in low gear with full power pedal assist, I climbed a ~20' high 25 degree incline. Near the top, the drive uttered a short grunt, but kept on going. This has gradually evolved into a prolonged growl during full power acceleration in low or middle gears, but not high gear. Is this a preview of coming problems? A sign of needed maintenance? Or, just normal? I cannot feel any change in performance. My only concern so far is the new noise.


          After about 400 miles, my BBSHD motor is starting to get loud.

          Sounds sort of like an oscillating knurdled gear noise, as best as I can describe it.

          Here is a short vid-clip that demonstrates. First I crank with the power off, then turn on:

          The noise is somewhat quieter under load, that is while actually riding the bike.

          It vibrates louder and softer in intensity while the motor is running, particularly in lower gears.

          What is the recommended remedy/maintenance for this? Thanks
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            My girlfriend's BBSHD unit failed last night. Going uphill (on road) she noticed a "gravel-y" sound from the motor, and then it stopped completely. The display turns on and works normally, but the motor is completely dead -- not a peep when you hit the throttle or turn the pedals. Pedaling still works (but who wants to do that?). This unit hasn't been opened, nor has it been modified from the "stock" luna motor controller settings. I'll investigate a bit more, and probably disassemble the unit next week, and report back with more. In the meantime, I'll appreciate any suggestions!


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              I had the same issue and when i opened the controller one of the spade connectors was loose. It was just a matter to plug it back in and then pinch the connector lightly with a pair of pliers.The other option would be shrink wrap the connectors to future proof from pulling apart in the future. This would be the first thing to check,
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              Well, that was the problem! Relatively easy fix. I put a dab of glue on each of the three connectors (green, yellow, and blue) to keep them together. Thank you Rodney

            Good outcome then.


              Hopefully someone can chime in with what might be going on with my drive unit. I am closing in on 1800mi on this drive, and it has been almost entirely problem free.

              A few weeks ago, I swapped out the cassette and chain which solved some chain jumping issues I was having under power in certain gears. I'm sure it's just coincidental, but after I did this, I started hearing vibration in the motor when under load; sort of a straining vibration. I thought the vibration would work itself out as the new drive train broke in, but instead the vibration got louder and louder. Today it was ridiculously loud -- pedestrians were staring at me as I rode by (probably not, but it was pretty loud).

              Here's a video of the drive with the main gear removed, note the terrible sound emanating from the pinion gear as it turns (note: bike is upside down). It's much louder under load.

              I googled for suggestions about how to diagnose vibration issues, and rediscovered this thread and others on this forum that recommend adding grease, but I'm not sure whether I'm heading in the right direction. One of the links recommends not taking apart the BBSHD to grease, primarily because the detailed instructions are for a BBS02, and the BBSHD is built quite a bit differently, but other threads say that people have added grease to a HD unit to solve vibration issues, but there's no detailed procedure I can find (as of now, still looking).

              Any advice as to whether this could be solved with grease? I started to take apart the non-drive side of the motor to take a look at what's going on in there, but it was pretty difficult to take apart, so I put that on hold in favor of getting advice first. I couldn't find any HD tear down videos (or articles) that actually documented the tear down -- just the final torn down drive, so I'm concerned that I'm going to break something trying to get the housing off of the stator. Can I take that side of the drive off without having to take apart the controller?

              Thanks in advance for any pointers,
              - C.


              • comand
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                I found a couple of tear down articles, and now I see why it's difficult to get the non-drive side of the motor off, and that taking off the controller is necessary. Could still use some advice as to whether the sound in the video might be solved by adding grease somewhere...

              • Sebz
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                Comand as contacted Luna, we will take care of him in finding out what the issue is!

                We like clients that are not too scared to get their fingers dirty!

                There are many teardown videos like this one :

              I have just finished 90% of my installation on my newly purchased BBSHD and mini cube GA unto my Bike and I am experiencing motor shut down when applying max throttle. This didn't happen for the first 14 miles on the ODO, but happened on my first test ride back from work. I put a full charge back on the battery and as soon as I hit the throttle coming out of the drive way it happened again. Motor turns on/off over and over again. If I apply half throttle and only go up to 20a as indicated by DCP-14 it does great, but above that it is a no go.

              Is this a throttle issue? I'm taking a 12.5ah 48v pack home from work tonight to see if maybe there is something wrong with my new battery.


                How many miles had the pack done when this happened? What was you voltage showing on the display? Sound to me that its sag and cutting the BMS. This will happen with the mini when its close to 50 volts showing on the colour display.

                14 miles on a mini and then applying full throttle will cause this pack to sag and possible trip the BMS. Just remember the packs only a 2P configuration. I wouldn't be using full throttle on this pack with GA cells.


                • reno464
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                  Sorry I meant that I had done only 14 miles on the new ebike as a whole. Tried My 48V 12.5ah battery on ride home last night and I figured a 5 mile ride would be a good time to hammer the throttle for a long test and I had no problems taking the 4 year old EGO pack to 30 amps for 30 second intervals five times. About 2.5 mile into my five mile trip I remembered that I charged the mini to 80% trying to conserve life. When I arrived home I discharged my pack, recharged it back to 100% and took out for spin. Problem reappeared about 1 mile into hard riding. Ticked off I spun rear wheel out of frustration to find that I had only 2 revolutions and the rear disk was dragging HARD! AH HA moment had finally arrived. Fixed caliper and now I can take off with no problems from unit. Mini Cube was only meant to be a temporary pack to get back and forth from work and I believe it can still do the job now.

                My BBSHD/Fatbike commuter has been going pretty good but I've noticed when I reach a high speed using PA2 (for example) the motor seems to resist and slow the bike down. If I quickly bump up the PA level then the motor stops resisting and I can pedal faster. Is this normal?


                  Originally posted by j0hnj0hns View Post
                  My BBSHD/Fatbike commuter has been going pretty good but I've noticed when I reach a high speed using PA2 (for example) the motor seems to resist and slow the bike down. If I quickly bump up the PA level then the motor stops resisting and I can pedal faster. Is this normal?
                  Yes, there is a programmed speed limit for each PAS level. It affects cadence, and road speed. Go too high on either one, and it backs off, as you observed.

                  Higher gears tend to go a little faster road speed for any PAS level, to a point.
                  • Lowest gears: max programmed cadence tends to limit speed.
                  • In higher gears, the mph limit will kick in first.

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                  Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


                    I have used my bike with BBS02 48V 500W 8fun motor for approximateley 400km, it have been working fine until today. now it seams to cut PAS for short periods (0.5-1 sec) at random.
                    It seams like the motor thinks im stop pedaling or something? Anyone that can suggest what the problem can be coused from?


                      Hi, after running 1200KM for my bbshd using mighty mini 30t crank. The motor suddenly stop working. The display doesnt show any error code. When you turn on the display, you know something was initializing, due to battery indicator until its display the battery bar indicator.

                      I've tried using the throttle switch, it will spin a few and the crank stop spinning. On the display, the battery indicator will start blinking without any bar indicator. I left it on power on until it shutoffs when there no activity on the motor. I tried to reseat the connector of the controller by opening the PAS controller area. Still nothing.

                      it only happens today after i mount the battery after charging. It works before i remove the battery.

                      Does someone encounter this problem?


                        I am on my way to complete the stup of my first electric bike. Next week I hope.... Any way, I have read a lot of people add some grease on the chansade (where the clutch is), preferably mobil28 so I bought some of that stuff. Should I add that grease now before testning or should I wait? Any rekommendation?


                        • paxtana
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                          You mean on bbshd? Clutch is hard to get to on bbs02 (one of the reasons why HD is a big improvement) but sure, adding a bit of grease to an hd doesn't hurt and is easy, so why not? Just make sure to watch the videos on how it goes back together!

                        Yes, I have a BSSHD, not yet installed. Seems to me as a lot of people add Mobil 28 aircraft grease. I guess there already is some grease in there so I wonder if there could be a problem adding another sort of grease to mix with what's already there? I imagine it would be tricky to get all original grease out of there?