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    No it's fine to add more grease and mix it in.
    I made a youtube video on doing this, not sure if you happened to see it. In the video I just smeared more right on top of the existing grease. There's other videos showing same. No problems reported.


      Do you have a link for your video? I watched one by fuzzyfriendly....something.


      When I opened my bsshd tha axle and clutch were still in the lid but I greased what I could see. Thx for link, useful.


        Model: BBSHD
        Display: 750c
        Battery: 52 v 20 ah PF cells
        Around 200 miles, about 2 months use with light motor use

        ​​​I am having what may be a few "possible" problems.

        1). When "pedaling" at low speed with display on and using 0 pas there is a hum coming from the motor, is this normal? When I stop pedaling, turn the motor on, or when I turn the display off the hum stops.

        2) When my display is on and using 0 pas my controller consistantly reads 28 watts.

        I built 2 of these at the same time (1 for my wife). She said at one time hers did make the hum using 0 pas while pedaling. Then like mine, when she would stop pedaling, turn the motor on, or when she would turn the display off the hum would stop. She said now hers does not seem to make the hum anymore using 0 pas. When her display is on using 0 pas the watt gauge shows 0 watts and has always worked this way. I would think this is the way it should be.

        Any ideas on the hum and/or why my watt gauge would be showing 28 watts, both while using the 0 pas mode?

        Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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        • cajk
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          The thing with the buttons you push to operate your motor is called a "Display". Your wife's display acts "normal". Your display is acting "different" (not normal). Since you have two identical setups then you have a easy way to troubleshoot. First, check the wiring and connections to and from the displays on both bikes. Are they EXACTLY the same? If so, then try swapping the displays between the bikes. Does the display on your bike your bike now look normal, and your wife's look abnormal? In that case, the display that was on your bike originally is bad. OR, if the problem stays on your bike regardless of which display is fitted, then the displays are both good, and the wiring on your bike is screwed up somewhere.

        • Bizman
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          Thanks cajk for the ideas and identifying my mistake of calling the display the controller. I have updated my post to reflect the change and to post a better description of my problems so you may want to rereading it. I will check the wiring and perhaps swap the displays to see if that helps pinpoint where the problem may be? It may take a couple days to do this but will report back. Thanks again!

        The 750c is a display not a controller.
        Try taking a video and putting it up on Streamable


        • Bizman
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          Thanks paxtana for the correction when referring to my display as the controller, I have made the changes to my post and wrote a better description of the problems so you may want to reread my edited post. As far as video and streamable I am not real savy on the computer and don't know how to do that?

        • Bizman
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          Thanks paxtana for identifying my mistake of calling the display the controller. I have updated my post to reflect the change and to post a better description of my problems so you may want to reread it. I am not real computer savy with videos or know exactly what you want a video of and don't know what streamable means?

        I had a weird "glitch" today... Rode to work just fine, made a trip home and back in the afternoon just fine, but after work, I turned it on and it had the "check engine" indicator showing and said error 30, and the assistance and throttle weren't functioning, turned it off and on a couple of times thinking that would help, but no luck, so I started pedaling home. On the way, the speedo started working again but no power still, and then it gave me an error 7. Got home and inspected all the wires and connections, nothing stuck out, but I noticed the speed sensor wasn't lighting up, so i rechecked the connector and that seemed get it to start flashing when the wheel was spinning and magnet was recognized, but still no power, until (by some fluke) I spun the wheel backwards and when the magnet passed the sensor the light went solid, and everything worked again... Anybody encounter that before? or know what the deal is?


          I wanted to update the forum about my repairs regarding post #34 above concerning my BBSHD humming at low speed and the 750c display reading 28 watts "while pedaling", using "0" PAS.

          Replacing the controller (covered under warranty) solved the problem with the display reading 28 watts while pedaling using "0" PAS, it now reads "0" watts.

          I was informed from Luna that the hum is normal in the later 2017 model BBSHD motors. Here is their response:

          "Well looks like it’s normal, Bafang changed the firmware a couple months ago and the newer hums slightly too. The previous version (early 2017) does not".

          I would like to thank everyone from Luna and this forum who had ideas with things to check! It took a bit to sort out, but things look to be operating normal now with the display and per Luna's discription of the problem with the hum. Thanks very much everyone!


            Something has happened to my bbshd when it became cold and winter. Suddenly it's stops giving power. The display and speed works fine and it's says the battery has charge. It can stop halfway up a hill and it won't give any power when I pedal. I put on the throttle and it's the same thing. It doesn't give any power regardless.


            Thanks for your reply. My battery was flown in luggage from usa to norway so it needed to be disassembled not to brake the rules. I assembled it here in norway but as I found out when I opened the battery, one of the welds had poor contact.
            I replaced the controller and rebuilt the battery. Its working well now.


              Something has gone wrong with my BBSHD after a couple of weeks of riding. Almost a total loss of power. The Power indicator fluctuates wildly. There is quite a bit of drag when I walk the bike in reverse so I thought Nylon Reduction Gear had just gone bad. I ordered a new one and after waiting for a month for it to come off of Backorder I took the motor apart to find that the Nylon Gear looked just fine. Replaced it and regreased anyway, put it back together and it still acts the same way. Any ideas?


              • commuter ebikes
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                If you have spare controllers known to work, keeping those as spares for later down the road will have great value. You could also sell them on eBay; somebody would be very excited to buy a functional controller.

              • jeffeby
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                The new motor in and it is back to running like when the original was first installed. Big shout out to everybody for all your help and support, especially JPLabs. Hoping that the new motor will last more than 50 miles this time. The old one is sitting on my bench waiting for me to find the time for a thorough postmortem. Will update if I can ever isolate the issue.

              • JPLabs
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                Good, glad to hear it! I wish it had been an easier chore for you. Happy Riding.

              OK , fair enough.

              Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


       I recently bought a BBSHD motor, I installed it couple of weeks ago.
                For apparent reason whenever I pedal or throttle the motor makes a clicking
                sound, and I tried pedaling with motor turned off. However it didn't make
                any clicking noise.
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                • zmarkjam
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                  Hi farzad123, from the video, both visually and audibly the clunking noise seems to be coming from the chain skipping on the small cog on your rear cassette. Does this happen when the chain is running on the middle gears? The motor sounds healthy and happy.

                • Sebz
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                  Also sounds like a free-hub skipping... happens when pawls are worn out.


                Hi everyone, I have a bbshd 100mm, bought to try and convert my Cube needed 100mm to clear my chainstay but the chain line is horrific. I’m now looking for another frame to use for my conversion. My question is can the 100mm shaft be swapped for a 68mm shaft if needed? And is it a relatively simple job
                thanks in advance


                • paxtana
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                  The shaft is one solid piece, as is the 100mm spindle inside that shaft.

                Ok, thanks Paxtana


                  I see the cover gasket isn't available at the moment. Have there been any issues with using silicone gasket maker there? Does it cause any thrust bearing or clearance issues?