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Bbshd failures and troubleshooting

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    Gasket maker is fine. There are also gasket kits you can find on eBay that you simply cut out whatever shape you want the gasket to be. If done properly either should work.


      Hello guys.
      My brother came from the bike trip and when I want to start my bike again, I can't.
      i ja s realised, that the circuit breaker installed between batteries and engine is keeping disconnected.
      1. Batteries are ok, tested with voltmeter.
      2. 2.Testing the controllerthrough power connector showed, that the + and - are shorted. I have dismantled the controller, tested it again, definitely, shorted. For me it means controller is dead.

      Now the question:
      Is it possible that the rotor/stator parts are broken too?
      How can I test the rotor + stator? 3 strong power wires on stator/rotor are shortened too. Is it ok?

      I am afraid when the rotor is fried and I will replace only controller, I will fry the new controller again.



        You might inspect the wiring harness for pinches or chafing. I had a kickstand pinch the harness and take mine down. Easy fix.


          To test the windings, you can compare resistance across all the motor phase wires. All should match.
          Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


            So my BBSHD rotor snapped on me this past week. No warning, no sounds, etc. Just sitting stopped at a light, throttled 30-50% as there was a car right in front of me, then once I got to aprox 25mph it just lost all power and made horrible grinding sounds. I shut down all power and pedaled it home. After opening it up to diagnose the problem, I find the rotor spiral shaft snapped off directly where it meets the rotor cylinder.(see pic). I was directed to california ebikes for the replacment rotor by a fellow forum user here as I could not find the part from LUNA. Also wanted to include the nylon gear is like new and no issues. My questions are these:
            1) Is the rotor from caliebikes the correct part for the BBSHD with hotrod programming?
            2)Does Luna sell the proper part just not listed on site? I rather stay using all LUNA parts
            3)If LUNA does NOT sell the part for self repair, do they offer in house repair of this part? If so cost?
            4)any recommendations on replacing this part(regreasing etc)
            Thanks guys


              Defjr333 I sent you a PM two days ago, I don't know if you got it, but I was asking how old the motor was? This is basically a defect and if the motor was purchased relatively recently we would just send you a replacement core, ideally asking that you send the original over to us for parting it out once we got you all sorted out. If you can get back to me or email support, we can help you out with this..

              Anyway in answer to your question, yes that is likely the same rotor at cali ebike.
              Yes we sell the rotor as part of the core
              The rotor is not repairable if it snaps like that, and either the rotor or entire core needs replaced. Replacement involves just bolting the new core onto the original casing.
              Mobil28 is a good grease for adding when changing this out. I hear you should not mix it with the grease already on there but I have never had a problem over years, YMMV.


                It looks like they broached the keyway all the way out to the gear and cracked the part.


                  Thanks Paxtana. I just replied with a PM containing info u requested. Thank you for the help.



                    Good Day - the name is Brian. I have a BBSO2 750 B - its fitted to a regular hybrid type road.mtb. . It works really well and has transformed life for to some extent as I am partly paralysed from the waist down - but I can ride in a somewhat dodgy fashion which I really enjoy as I can only walk with the help of 2 crutches and even then very slowly and painfully . Our area is very hilly , even so I find that it has a max range of about 52km

                    However I have a problem --

                    2 weeks back I was riding in pouring rain and after some time the motor cut out . That is the PAS did not work , also the throttle was dead - everything else seemed normal. I had a local e bike shop look at it and they decided the controller was the problem . I have ordered one from Lunacycle and it will arrive hopefully if the SA post office does not lose it .

                    After a few days sitting in the sun the bike came back to life ! I used it this morning - everything seemed normal - after about 8km or so it cut out again. After 5 minutes it worked again - this happened a few times .

                    I think the thumb throttle and the lcd screen are ok . Could it be the controller . Has anyone else had something like this happen ?

                    Any advice and opinions would be most welcome.

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