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Bbshd failures and troubleshooting

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    Hi everyone, can anyone here please help me?
    my BBSHD is clicking once per revolution when pedalling



    Thank you.


    • JPLabs
      JPLabs commented
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      It seems to happen as the crank arm passes the chainstay. Is it possibly touching that?
      A loose crank arm could click like that, too. Make sure the center bolts are TIGHHT.

      It almost sounded like the motor was turning when the pedals were, but that shouldn't happen. It's easy to spin the crank with motor off and wheel lifted, right? Should be only a little resistance.

    I have a bbshd 1000watt mid drive with a 52volt battery.
    today I went for a solid ride. I had 90% battery left and out of nowhere it dropped to 0%.... I’ll unplug the battery clean some stuff up, plug it back in then it reads 90% again. Doesn’t matter if I’m 1-9 as soon as I touch the throttle or pedal it’ll cut back out to 0% and won’t do anything.
    I took a voltage measurement of the battery and it’s sitting at 53.92volts.
    any idea if my battery is shot?
    sensors done?
    poor power connection?


    • 73Eldo
      73Eldo commented
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      Does the display stay on and just says 0%? If the display goes off I would say its a connection issue. If the display stays on then it may be something in the controller.