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3D printed Chainring Spacer for BBSHD

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    3D printed Chainring Spacer for BBSHD


    In order to test some settings, I created a spacer on Fusion 360.
    I was only going to use it for testing but I installed it and it seems very sturdy, the dimensions fit perfectly the BBSHD ring (41mm).

    Do you think a spacer between the bbshd and the chainring would be able to endure the stress? I printed it in PLA.

    You can find my model here for those interested:



    That sure is cool to 3d print it. Durability might depend how tight you have the bolts but I would guess it would at least last a season. Does PLA get brittle in wintery outdoor weather?


      Hi paxtana!
      It seems that PLA gets soft in warm weather, so that could definitely be an issue during hot summer days if you leave the bike to bake.
      Since PLA is a biodegradeable material, it seems that outside harsh weather would make it more brittle.
      ABS would be better but I don't want to print ABS because of all those cancerous nano particules.

      Overall, PLA will loose its color but should stay together... I hope.

      I'll probably install the metal version from Luna Cycle when I receive it, it was missing in the package containing my new Eclipse :-)

      I'll test my bike with the PLA spacer and post my concerns on the forum.

      Thanks again for your input.



        So I tested it on 30km uphill, fast pace, cold temperature (-1 °C) and bumpy Montreal roads.
        The printed chainring spacer seems to be OK, I used a 4.3mm version.