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BSBF-1 Stabilizer Bar Review

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    BSBF-1 Stabilizer Bar Review

    I was never impressed with the little “teeth” on the triangle bracket being the only thing preventing the BBSxx from spinning. Seems like the weak point in the whole design to me, especially with an aluminum BB. I saw horror story posts of aluminum BBs chewed to bits.

    I ordered both the BSB-1 and BSBF-1 versions to experiment with which worked better. The manufacture pictures of the BSB-1 show it connected to the chain stay, but this positions the BBSxx to be hanging very low. I saw other people connect the BSB-1 to the seat tube, which can give better positioning of the BBSxx, but this is dependent on the angle between the angle between the seat tube and down tube.

    In my case it was close, but I preferred the positioning with the BSBF-1 over the BSB-1.

    I did have to grind a notch out of the BSBF-1 so it wouldn’t be resting on a rib on the BBSHD housing. I put down a layer of the self-annealing tape to protect the down tube from the stainless steel bracket. Then I used a hose clamp to secure it, and wrapped the whole thing in another layer of self-annealing tape.

    Very happy with the outcome. It feels super solid and gives me peace of mind.

    See my whole build report.