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Can I use a 48v controller on a 500w 36v Bbs02b?

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    Can I use a 48v controller on a 500w 36v Bbs02b?

    Hello All
    Happy New Year

    I have a bbs02b 36v 500w:

    But I have a 48v battery, would it be alright if I installed a 48v 500w/750w controller on my motor?

    The motor looks like it’s the 48v 500 set to 36v with the controller as it comes with a 25a controller so it can handle 25a.

    Any help is very appreciated
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    I think your logic is sound. It can take the amps, so higher voltage, same amps ought to work. I don't know if the controller will be plug-n-play, but you can even run non-Bafang controllers, so a different one of theirs should be do-able, once you get it wired and mounted. I'd try it, if I were in your position.

    Someone with specific experience may weigh in with more concrete info.
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      Hi JpLabs

      Thank you for your kind reply, that’s what I was thinking that if this motor comes ready to handle 25a it may be the old 48v 500w that Bafang now designated as 36v.

      I emailed Luna and asked if their bbs02b 48v controller would fit on this motor but they are not sure if the controller housing shape has changed and their controller may not fit.

      I wish Bafang made understanding their classification of their motors a bit simpler.


        Hi JPLabs,
        You can use a 48v controller. Just make sure you get the A or B version matching your 36 volt one. I have changed mine over and am running it at 52 volts. I have limited mine to 22 amps but it runs well. I have done just over 4,000km on it so far. If it has no gear sensor it is most likely an A


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          Hey, thanks! That info that will help Zoomer.

        Don’t mean to hijack, but I’ve always been curious if you can use a 36V controller and battery on a BBS02B 750W/48V motor?

        I noticed my color displays have the option of setting them to 36V or 48V. The reason I would do,this is because I have a quality 36V 17Ah battery sitting around and for general flat land riding 36V is plenty for pedal assist.
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