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BBS02 and spinning

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    BBS02 and spinning

    I did a tandem install and have read, bot before and after, that its best to spin these motors, not bog them down. What's the RPM range in which you guys are talking here? I am a roadie and like to spin a cadence of 80-100, but as you know, that is something two peeps have to agree on a tandem. We still try to maintain a cadence of over 80, but if this to slow, I will keep it higher, what's the basic suggestion? BTW, right now, we only use it with the mini display on the pedal assist modes 1-9 instead of the 1-5 and only use 1 or 2, have never ridden 3 but once and for us just to be cruising, we like 17-20 mph but 3 had us well over 22. yep, permagrin!!

    I ride BBHDs so can't exactly compare. I run about 60 if working it hard, rough minimum. That seems to keep it as cool as winding it out, from what I can judge on the 2x 1 mile straightaways on my way home. So at 60 cadence, or around 1300ish motor RPM, it is pretty efficient. I feel like severely lugging is 30 or less, so slow it wouldn't feel right bicycling, but that's completely subjective.

    I think 80 is fine, and probably more than you need, except perhaps when really pushing it to the max. Faster is safer for the motor.
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