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Luna 42T Aluminum chainring to 48T or 52T chainring

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    Luna 42T Aluminum chainring to 48T or 52T chainring

    Hello all,
    Any idea when Luna will have a larger chainring? I have the Luna 42. Hopefully I can change only the ring and not the complete chainring.

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    If the Luna 42T gives you a good chainline the California eBike adapter and a 52T chainring is nearly the same. The Luna 42T unit is also an adapter, 130MM BCD same as the Cali eBike and you can simply add a larger chainwheel.

    I just took my 130MM BCD 52T Origin8 chainwheel and mounted it on my Luna Adapter after removing the 42T.

    Shazam 52T

    Unfortunately only a good option where the Luna 42T Aluminum chainwheel is a good chainline.
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    • brucemetras
      brucemetras commented
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      Are there plans for a similar adapter for the BBS02 series? I could see a use for fine tuning gearing on the lower powered motors ..

    • Louis
      Louis commented
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      There have been adapter available for the BBS02 for several years.

    Thanks Louis, where can I get the 52 chain wheel?
    I do have the Luna 42, it will give more speed just not sure how it will handle city street hills. What are your thoughts?
    Thank you,


      google 130mm bcd 52T
      I think my BBSHD is fast enough with 42TX13T and 33MPH with a 20Ah 52V PF pack. Already exceeding the effective capacity of my brakes in a panic stop.
      Far less likley to overheat the motor with a BBSHD but still possible, I suspect, if one starts lugging the motor. Based on my experience with 52T of the 01 and 02 I'd see the potential for a couple more MPH.
      But the chainline isn't great on a lot of builds. 52T was a motor killer on the 01 and 02 when common sense gear shifting wasn't practiced. It remains to be seen how the HD will fair. I'd be far more excited were there a 48T Eclipse. I can't hold my breath that long. I give up those important lower gears with this adapter. Therein lies the potential problem. Will you be able to access those sprockets needed for doing the hills? And not straining the motor. I'll be selling mine off in the coming weeks. Honestly I think 42T with a 11TX32T Freewheel/Cassette is all the bike I need. This was just a curiosity. Because I could. Thankfully I'm not a dog.


        Thanks Louis,
        After yout input I think I will leave it the way it is on 42t.
        It seems that regardless what form of transportation, I want it to go faster. Thanks again.


          Mi experiencia con el Luna T 42 es muy gratificante en montaña, puedes ver este video de la última salida.