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Completely shutdown when wiggling my bike

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    Completely shutdown when wiggling my bike

    When riding for about 18km my bike shuts down after a use of throttle for 200m,its a bafang 750w.
    Battery has been checked, display replaced and controller replaced.
    Problem still there. Now I noticed that when I wiggle my bike, it shuts down completely and won't restart, unless I connect the charger, then I can wiggle it and no malfunction. As I said, battery is OK, I even had same problem with 2nd battery.
    So, with charger loading, no problem, once disconnected, still good, until I wiggle the bike, than full cutoff, no display, no power

    Could be bad battery connection...I had similar problem from riding bumpy roads...I wrapped 2 zip ties around my battery housing and 2 Velcro straps...issue stopped