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Lekkie Bling Ring 40 Tooth BBSHD Package Installation.

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  • rszostak
    I just purchased this as well and was wondering how to install the cover, turns out you don't need to install the cover I just filed down the existing cover a little right at where the main drive gear is located. I didn't have to remove much to get clearance for the Lekkie chainring. I have to add that I do have the spacer installed in the minimum offset position which is moving the chainring out 2.5mm. That minimized the amount I had to file and with my bike that was enough to allow me to get into the granny gear.

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  • Admiral12r
    How did it all turn out? I am thinking about getting that kit as well. Let me know how the bearing went and what else you had to do. Thanks, oh and pics if you got some.

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  • Lekkie Bling Ring 40 Tooth BBSHD Package Installation.

    I ordered a Lekkie 40T BBSHD kit that comes with a new cover and am trying to figure out how to safely remove either secondary gear/large/ or small bearing pressed into the cover.
    In my experience the only safe way is to press at the external race but it seems to be covered all but less than 1mm.
    Does anyone have any tips or tricks/order of operations to remove the Secondary steel reduction gear and bearing assembly?

    Side note, I was able to file down both the reduction case and main case with a file to get clearance for the 40T. Not sure why a CNC milled reduction cover was necessary anyways.

    Thank you for your time.