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Bafang bbshd - what connectors?

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    Bafang bbshd - what connectors?

    I'm literally going crazy - I want to order a battery which gives you an option of 8 connectors: big bullet, small bullet, Small Anderson, Big Anderson, XT60, XT90, XT90S, T-Shape, 3Pin port, aviation head 4 holes.

    BUT for the life of me; after multiple hours of searching online; I cannot find out what battery connectors the 1000W BBSHD motor comes with? I want to know so I can request the corresponding connector on the battery and just 'plug and play'. I don't want to end up being like these people who end up with incompatible connectors and have to do their own soldering etc.

    I look forward to your replies!.
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    It can vary depending on where you are buying it and potentially even vary between production runs, or what other options you might have selected when buying the motor etc.

    For example at Lunacycle it will typically be Anderson pp45, but if it was bought as a combo with a battery that happens to use xt90 it could either be modded with xt90 for plug and play, or possibly have an xt90-anderson adapter included, at the discretion of the shop.