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What parts are needed to install a bare BBS02?

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    What parts are needed to install a bare BBS02?

    A few years ago I built an e-trike for touring. The bad news is that it was stolen. Thankfully, I had the solar panels and charge controller were off of it at that time.

    For all intents and purposes, when it was returned to me (Murry UT police spotted it) it was just parts. The motor and battery were there, but most of the other parts and cables were gone.

    The commuter that the recovered battery is on

    The battery found its way to my current commuter. That leaves a motor for installation, but it is a bare motor (it still has the chainring). My intent, for this build, is to install it on a Rotovelo. Mechanically, a Rotovello is a tadpole trike.

    There are things I want to change from my touring trike configuration. The first was that starting on steep grades without a throttle was a bear (I was only using the PAS). The other problem was the backward nature of the input/output power. What I mean by that is that, on long grades, the harder I pedalled, the less the motor actually added. As such, it was an odd balancing act to keep the motor right at 230-250W going up grades. The reason for being so precise on the power out is that I didn't want to dip too deep into my batteries. I was matching motor out to the solar panels in.

    The NuVinci rear hub allowed for very precise trim of the power load under normal conditions. However, this time I am giving in, I will have a throttle . It is not my intention to have a throttle in use all of the time, I am thinking of starting on grades and power trim on long grades. Ideally, I would use a throttle like that found on tractors, when there is enough friction to set, and leave, the throttle. However, I am not finding an e-bike version of that at all. As I understand it, the PAS will still work fine when the throttle is not being used. Is that correct?

    The next thing I need is wiring harness , a speed sensor , and a display unit . I like the idea of having a wattmeter on the display unit. Last time I used a separate display for power draw, it worked, but in the display does look cleaner. I notice that Luna has several displays that offer this feature. Other than the items listed: battery, speed sensor kit, wiring harness, and display, is there anything else that is a "must-have"?

    Is there anything that I am missing?

    That should do it. You don't need shift or brake sensors. Remember to upgrade the chain.