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    witch gear to ride at

    Hi everyone, just got my first e-bike, I have got a Bafang 1000w witch has 3 setting on it and the bike has 3 gears, can I run the the motor in 1 or 2 and the bike in 3 would this harm the motor
    many thanks

    More details needed. How many teeth is the front and rear gears? Is it an internal hub on the back. Why only three levels on the bbshd? What display are you running?

    It's tough to advise you at present. The premise is though the smaller the gear on the back and the bigger the gear on the front the harder the bbshd has to work to spin your wheels.

    If the bbshd struggles to shift your wheel then the energy from the battery will go into heat within the motor housing. If it gets hot enough you will melt the nylon gear.

    If you post more details I can have a better look.


      Ok I’m very new to this but this is the details if it helps
      Bafang BBSHD 1000W Bad Boy Mid Drive power plant. We won’t waste our time or your hard earned money using garbage hub drive motors. 48V 14.5AH Samsung lithium ion battery – Custom Soul battery mount – C961 display – 46T front sprocket – 2A charger – Braided looming – 4 hours of professional rigging – Fully tested and Soul hot tuned. Yes more power only from Soul.


      3 speed settings

      speed setting 1 for road use limiting the speed to 15mph

      speed setting 2 for off road use limiting the speed to 30mph

      speed setting 3 for off road use up to max speed of between 35 and 40 mph

      Turn power off and use the bike with the 3 speed sturmey archer twist grip hub gearing for easy pedal cruising on the road or off .

      Speed and distance will vary depending on weight temperature and terrain.

      48V 1000W Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Motor
      With an integrated speed sensor, this mid-drive motor,

      , has a rated power of 1000W, a reduction ratio of 1: 21.9, providing ideal power

      Light but strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding comfort and is suitable for everyone.


      Position: Mid Drive Motor (Bottom Bracket)

      Construction: Geared Motor

      Nominal Voltage: 36/48V

      Rated Power: 1000W

      RPM: 130-150

      Max Torque: 160 N.m

      Efficiency: ≥ 85 %

      PAS SENSOR: Speed sensor

      Shaft Standard: JIS

      Motor Weight: 4.8 kg

      Box Dimension: 53x27x26cm

      Gross Weight: 8.6kgs

      Further Specifications:

      Cadence (Pulses/Cycle): N/A

      Reduction Ratio: 1:21.9

      Magnet Poles: 8

      Noise: < 55 dB

      Connector: Waterproof

      Tests & Certifications

      IP-Code: IP 65

      Certifications: CE / UL / ROHS EN 14764

      48V 12Ah battery specification :

      Normal voltage: 48V

      Rated Capacity:12AH

      Battery Cell: Built-in Samsung 29ET 2900mah.52PCS Cells

      Array mode:13S4P

      Max Constant Discharge Current:30A

      Peak current:60A

      Charge voltage:54.6V

      Discharge cut off voltage: 36.4V

      Cycle Life:1000 times

      Battery Weight:4.1KG

      Battery size:367.2*90.1*111mm

      Charge Temperature: -15-65℃

      Discharge Temperature:-15-65℃

      Packaging included:

      1 * 48V 1000W Mid Drive Motor

      1 Thumb Throttle

      1 Set * Speed Sensor
      1 * Display

      1*48V 12AH battery with Charager


        Generally you want to have a cadence of "around" 90rpm. Faster doesn't hurt anything but too low cadence at high load can damage the motor. Standing on the cranks to climb a hill is pretty much the definition of this. Because electric motors produce full torque at 0rpm it's easy to get into a bad habit with them. Pick a gear where you're comfortably spinning.
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          It sounds like a good setup tbh. To echo the comment about picking the right gear .. I snapped chains with ease standing up in the wrong gear. Keep the motor spinning fast and you will be ok.


            Thanks for your reply’s, so I should be able to use 1 to 3 in any gear then that’s great just didn’t want to do something wrong and break it


              Originally posted by Buz View Post
              Thanks for your reply’s, so I should be able to use 1 to 3 in any gear then that’s great just didn’t want to do something wrong and break it
              I'll simplify the above even more - as long as your feet are spinning pretty fast (or would be if pedalling), then it's pretty safe to apply max motor power. At 90 RPM it's real safe. The slower the pedals can spin at any time, the less power you can safely use.

              But, you can't make it quite as simple as you did. Sure, you CAN use speed 3 and gear 3. But you need to be going fast enough....and that depends on how much power your controller delivers in speed 3. You don't want to push full power at low RPM!
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