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Bikes compatible with BBSHD

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    Bikes compatible with BBSHD

    Thread updated, if you have an update please share, year and manufacturer model.

    I started one similar thread Louis.

    Link to thread where photos can be posted, build issues and fixes.
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      Originally posted by Rodney64 View Post
      I started one similar thread Louis. Maybe transfer combine both
      Maybe we could edit the first post in the thread to a list rather than have to look through the entire thread and at all the photos to sort?
      I love the photos, but in my view nothing beats a simple list that a reader doesn't have to sift through a thread to find the base information?
      Sound like a good idea?
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        Simple list as an additional thread will be valuable.


          Yes a simple list sounds good.


            UPDATED 22/06/2016

            Ok I'm starting to compile the list of bikes mentioned in this thread so that you don't have to trawl through the whole thread. Please don't forget to post the year your bike was manufactured as similar models from different years vary drastically. Also please let us know what type of bike it is for quick easy reference e.g if it is full suss/hardtail/road etc

            Bikes Confirmed to work with BBSHD/BBS02


            20?? NS Bikes Soda Air Evo (BBSHD/Full Suss)
            2009 Giant Trance X3 (BBS02/Full Suss)
            2010 Giant Anthem X4 (BBSHD/Full Suss)
            2006 Specialized Epic Comp (BBSHD/Full Suss)
            2009 Ellsworth Truth (BBSHD/Full Suss)

            2005 Specialized Comp Disc FSR 26" Wheels - Large Frame
   DiamondBack Overdrive Sport 27.5 (BBSHD/Hardtail)
            20?? Trek Marlin 6 (BBSHD/Hardtail)
            2006 Rocky mountain element 50 (BBSHD/Hardtail)


            2015 Motobecane Boris the Evil Brut Spung (BBSHD/Fatbike)
            2016 Motobecane FB5 2.0
   ... t-battery/
            2016 Gravity Deadeye Monster ($400, Bikes Direct)
   ... ster-bbshd
            2015 Gravity Bullseye 27.5 bike, 18" frame.
            2016 Motobecane 29+SS, 20" frame (BBSHD/Semi-Fat SS)


            IGH versions may have coaster brakes. Dropouts for IGH conversions to integrated brake version may not be compatible between types and brands.

            Electra Townie 7sp
            Trek Pure 7sp
            KHS Manhattan Smoothie 7spd
            Firmstrong CA-520
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              do you recall the frame sizes of those bikes that you guys tested? i'm planning to convert a full suspension using my bottle pack downtube as my battery. thanks.

            • Louis
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              These we collected from several sources and the frame sizes were not listed.

            Added 2015 Gravity Bullseye 27.5 bike, 18" frame to thread


              Is there a similar list for the BBS02?


                We do have another thread in the DYI builders section which covers both, but currently only a few builds.
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                  Originally posted by Michael-95037 View Post
                  Is there a similar list for the BBS02?
                  The list reads, "Bikes Confirmed to work with BBSHD/BBS02"

                  BBS02 bikes would be 68MM and 73MM Bottom Brackets only. The best way to sort is use google since the BBS02 has been out for more than 3 years. Search using the bike name and BBS02.

                  Here's an example, I used this method scores of times with great success..Just plug in the name of the bike you're interested in. It's a great place to start!