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ideal chaintrain for a Kalkhoff commuter with a BBSHD

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    ideal chaintrain for a Kalkhoff commuter with a BBSHD

    hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I am a newbie for Martinique, a french caribbean Island which is very very hilly.

    Excuse my english because my native language is french.

    I have a 20 miles commute each day with a few very long rolling hills each way. I guess climbing is probably about 500-600 feet cumulated each way.

    I'm building up a Kalkhoff Agattu XXl 27 as a commuter around a BBSHD kit, it is a german bike for heavy guys.

    I am 6.5" tall and I weigh about 280lbs (I swear I'll make a good diet !). I have two questions:

    - Can the BBSHD meet my needs
    - What would be the Ideal chain train Chainring and cassette cogs derailleurs ?
    - I would like to purchase a 3 speed Sturmey and Archer IGH , is it a good or bad idea in my situation ?

    Thanks for your inputs !!

    Greetings, and welcome to the forum. Martinique looks like a beautiful place to live.

    The web link you reference did not work for me, instead I found a video on the 2017 version of your bike. Based on the video, I'd surmise the following:
    • The bike looks fairly standard, component-wise (which usually makes fitting the BBSHD motor more straight-forward)
    • I would measure the bottom bracket portion of the frame (where the pedal axle goes thorough) - I suspect it's 68-73mm wide
    • I am guessing (can't be sure) that a 68mm BBSHD motor would fit your frame, along with a Luna Eclipse 42 tooth chain ring. With this combination, you could retain your present 9-speed rear derailleur/gear cluster OR convert to the Sturmey Archer 3-speed IGH
    • If you convert to the IGH, I would install a 24 tooth gear on it along with an 1/8 wide chain
    • With the distances across the Island, I'd purchase a premium battery, with a capacity of at least 14AH, preferably 17AH
    Please note, the above are guesses you'd need to confirm. Best of success!

    BBSHD/BBS02B builds: IGH 1 2 3 4 5 6