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Bafang BBSHD Pedal assist (PAS) won't work after controller replacement

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    Bafang BBSHD Pedal assist (PAS) won't work after controller replacement

    Hi guys, I'd really use some help with this. Recently I needed to swap controller on my Bafang BBSHD mid drive e-bike due to error 30 of unknown nature.
    Connected the new replacement from ALiexpress no problem and tested with throttle OK.
    After I assembled all the components back on the frame and went on a ride the grim reality settled in - I couldn´t use PAS any more (but throttle worked normal as before).
    Now, I use 52V battery pack and the original controller was 30A but the new one seems to be only 28A.
    Also, I did reprogram my controller using program cable to run PAS without speed limit but it didn´t change the fact that pedal assist is no more.
    All the other indicators seem to be ok (speed while riding, power provided, speed sensor light).
    I double-checked the wiring and connectors inside the controller for any clams or chaffs.
    I don't use gear-shift sensors, brake sensors or light cables.
    On the old controller I did around 1500km and it died after I was doing maintenance and a spark of static electricity jumped from the screwdriver to the frame.

    At this point I'm kind of lost and as fun a riding throttle-only might seem, I'd really like to spin pedals and have that e-bike grin on my face again :)