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BBS02 - new battery (52v) suddenly shuts off (at ~52 volts)

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    BBS02 - new battery (52v) suddenly shuts off (at ~52 volts)

    I have a Luna BBS-02 from August 2017. It's been really reliable, but my 48v battery was getting old, so I decided to replace it. Luna was out for ages, so I went with Unit Pack Power on Aliexpress (maybe the cause of the problem, but they seemed most-legit, and everything arrived good - but I'm considering it a possibility).

    I got a 52v battery and charger. I installed the battery and sled, charged it all up, and it works great. On my 3rd ride (meter not going down - known 48v issue I found out later), it just ... died. 0 bars on the battery when pushing the button. 2-3 LED's on the battery still lit when I pulled the pack. If I put it back in, it will work - for a shorter and shorter time.

    I got a new 750c computer that has voltage display, and it says it's cutting out at around 52-53v. Usually when it's stressed - going up a slight incline, etc.

    I put the old 48v battery back in this morning, because I can NOT pedal home volt-free another night from work.

    So, are there any things I can try? I have the programming cable, but doesn't look like anything in the controller to set. The cut-off voltage is 41v, so this is happening before that threshold.