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BBSHD controller gets fried

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    BBSHD controller gets fried

    Hi, I was riding a couple months ago and my display turned off and power cut suddenly. At the time, this was my setup:

    - BBSHD + Ludacris V1 controller
    - 2 (Two) 52V 17Ah 35e cell Jumbo Shark EM3EV Batteries
    - EM3EV Dual Battery Converter (from Watt Wagons)

    Here’s what I tried:

    - I removed the brake cutoffs. No display or spin.
    - I disconnected the converter and plugged each battery individually. Still no display.
    - I replaced the display with a brand new display. Still doesn’t turn on.
    - I replaced the wire connecting the display, throttle and brake cutoffs. Still no display or spin.
    - I used a voltmeter and measured 52V on both batteries through the wire.
    - I put the stock controller back on. This controller instantly fried when connected to one of the batteries. Both batteries show an over-current protection code when connected. The Ludacris controller does not do this when connected. I probably should’ve just stopped here and tried to figure out what was going on from this.
    - I replaced the motor core. Still doesn’t turn on.
    - I bought a brand new BBSHD and the new one doesn’t spin. The new one didn’t burn connected to the batteries.
    - I took all of these parts, new and old, to my local electric bike repair shop and explained the situation to him. He wasn’t sure what to do other than contact support at Luna and EM3EV.

    I should preface beforehand that I have little to no experience with electric motors or really anything to do with technology. The only thing I haven’t replaced are the batteries which I am reluctant to do because of how expensive and long the shipping times are. Although, I probably don’t have a choice. At this point, I nearly have two BBSHD kits and acompaning batteries, one less than a year old and one brand new and neither work.

    What are your thoughts? What should I do next?