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Replaced controller, now no sensors are working

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    Replaced controller, now no sensors are working

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice. I have replaced the controller on my BBS02 but now all the sensors don’t work. The display turns on and the pedal assist works, but everything else (throttle, gear sensor, break sensors, Speedo) doesn’t function. Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be?

    A few notes that may help with the advice:
    - I did reprogram the controller before it broke but had the default settings saved in my computer so those have been restored.
    - The reason I had to replace the controller is because I’m a moron and left the battery plugged in while I was fiddling with the connector cables and caused a power serge ( I think)
    - I have also replaced the connector cables and that didn’t fix the issues.