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BBS02 Damaging Bottom Bracket Shell

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    BBS02 Damaging Bottom Bracket Shell

    Hello all, I'm a new e-bike rider, and have put about 300 miles on my newly built e-bike over the past month. I commute 27 miles round trip with my bike on bike paths and streets, on a pretty hilly commute.

    Today I noticed that the BBS02 motor seemed a bit loose, and was rocking a bit when power was applied. Upon closer examination, it appears that the notches on the mounting triangle plate adapter are cutting into the bottom bracket shell on my bike frame, allowing for some wiggle room. See attached photo. The outer lockring seems securely attached (not able to loosen by hand), but the motor will still easily wiggle by hand. The bike frame is aluminum.

    Has anyone else encountered this?
    Any suggestions on how to solve this?
    Is there any kind of spacer/washer I can put on there to fortify the bb shell?
    Maybe also program the motor startup power be more gentle/gradual?

    Thanks for any comments!

    Check out this thread- Mine was much worse than yours and after locking it down has held fine for the last 200 miles:


      Great thread! Thanks for passing along that info. Good to know I'm not alone or just out of luck. :) I feel hopeful now I can re-torque the lock-nuts and see how if it holds, and know that I can always put on a stabilizer bar from California E-bike if things get worse. Its crazy how powerful these little motors are, able to work themselves loose!


        I experienced the loosening reported after the first hundred or so miles and came up with a quick fix while downtown without my Luna wrench, etc.

        Click image for larger version

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        The motor loosened in the bottom bracket; but the motor mount held fast, and it started swinging downward on me.
        I took a shorter bungee cord, (14" maybe), and hooked on kickstand mount and then wrapped tightly around frame as shown.
        This worked so well that I forgot to tighten up the BB nuts for three or four days :-)
        Once I remembered I should do that I decided to just leave the bungee on there for insurance.
        Many hundreds of kilometers later the nuts are still tight..

        I'm now wondering if another mount on top of motor, like a stainless strap or something bolted to motor housing, wouldn't be a good idea?