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BBSHD hydraulic brake sensors not working

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    In the past I’ve scavenged brake sensors from the stock Bafang cable levers and glued the components to my hydro levers. This used all 3 Higo connections to a switching Hall sensor which applied about 3-4V to the controller brake signal input when the sensor/magnet changed state.

    So you’re telling me that all I needed to do was short pin 4 (brake signal) to ground? Could've used a magnetic reed switch like I used to do on Infineon type controllers? This is all probably moot point but I’m just trying to better understand these brake signal circuits?


    • slomo85
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      Luna techs swear that you can't just use a switch because there is more to it that that. But it would appear to me that a switch would work just fine because when I shorted the correct pins I got brake symbol on the display and the motor power was cut. The very same thing that happens with a working brake sensor.

    • Petal
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      Check out my reed sensor mod. Works great!

    Both my BBSHD bikes will stop power in PAS and THROTTLE with brake sensor application.

    that is when magnet is NOT near the sensor.

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      Luna did send me another (Third) set of brake sensors and this is finally working now. It was incorrectly wired brake sensors from the factory that was the source of my problems. All is working correctly now. Again, Luna worked with me a lot on this issue and got me taken care of. Thanks again :)


        Hey there! I'm having the EXACT same problem! I've got three wires in the brake sensor HARNESS (blue, black and red). I don't want to strip the housing all the way off, just to find out which wire is associated with which pins. But I am trying to connect the brake harness to the sensor wires on my Tektro Dorado levers/sensor. The brake sensor has one black and one blue wire.

        I've connected the blue and black wires, leaving the red wire free. I plugged it in and the sensor doesn't read on the screen. I tried to "smooth out the connector key... rotating the plug" and that also didn't work.
        Wonder what the next step is?
        Could I have shorted something by correctly plugging in the sensor/harness together WITH the key, and the blues and blacks connected?


        bafang brake sensor doesn't work
        I'm having the same problem. Not getting a signal on the display.


        • Tommycat
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          Does actuating the brakes stop the motor operation? Are these the add-on brake sensor kit? What display do you have?