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Creaking noise from bottom bracket

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  • Creaking noise from bottom bracket

    Creaking noise was driving me mad for months. I finally realized that the motor was just a tad loose. Pulled the crank, tightened everything. Now the motor is not movable by hand but I am still hearing the creaking noise when using thumb throttle etc.. Obviously there is still some small movement happening there. Does anyone know a solution for this?

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    I am having the same issue, everything appears to be tight. I would love to hear if anyone has a solution.


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      Use the professional install tools on the gray lockrings along with a breaker bar for adding extra torque. Possibly also a dab (just a dab) of blue loctite.

      On my personal builds I also put notches on the outside of the bb shell matching the teeth on the black triangle bracket so it grabs more easily.

      Alternately you can try installing with the alternate mount solutions such as bsb-1