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BBS01B - HVC in 36V controller

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    BBS01B - HVC in 36V controller

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently making my conversion to BBS01B hub motor, and I was trying to find more information about the possibility to overvolt the controller.

    I live in Europe, where the max legal power is 250W, and that is one of the causes I am now equipped with such a version. Lucky those having the limit set to 750W...

    I know that the controller is programmable. Also that it has high voltage cut-off (HVC). I know that there is always a possibility of changing the controller to the 48V version or some external ones if I want to use it with 48V+ batteries. However, the 48V version also works with 52V batteries and apparently it can work with up to 63V according to so many people, because capacitors can take it as a max voltage. That made me think that the HVC in this controller is... let's say elastic, and can work with higher voltage than the nominal one of the motor. While looking for more information about the differences between 36V and 48V controllers from BBSXX kits, I found that the insides of both are probably the same. I found that transistors used in 36V controller can take up to 75V, so it looks promising. If the 48V version can work with 52V battery, then 36V may also work with 48V energy source, right? Maybe someone knows what kind of capacitors are used in the 36V version? It is really hard to find more info about it, as most of the reviews are written for BBS02 and BBSHD kits. I would check it myself if the controller's board wasn't sank in some hardened gel. Now even after opening the motor's case, I wouldn't see any of the electronics on PCB.

    I am aware that higher voltage will result in higher cadence and therefore lower efficiency, but I think if it would be a problem, I could always limit it in the controller program, or ride fast/slow enough to keep the optimal cadence. I want to have a possibility to ride at higher speeds just temporarily. I would like to use my kit with 52V (14S) or 48V (13s) battery.

    Can you tell me if changing HVC for BBS01 36V 250W is possible? Can the value of HVC be changed in the software/hardware?
    Has the 48V version (e.g. from BBS02) to be reprogrammed to work with 52V battery?
    Has anyone tried to connect 48V/52V battery to 36V version? What was the result? Did it burn or only displayed an error, or maybe worked ok?

    I will try to find more info about the controller (especially HVC and capacitors), but you guys could help me a lot with your knowledge. I would be really grateful for that. Thank you!