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BBSHD ticking solved

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    BBSHD ticking solved

    So it has 2 ticks per pedal revolution intermittantly only after riding a few miles. I take off the stock crank arms and install 6" unicycle units. Now a single tick all the time. The good part is I took 2 builds drive sides apart and lubed. The embarrassing part is it was the protective plastic on the side of the motor that had turned stiff and curled and was hitting the arm.
    What's funny is I used to repair consumer electronics(when there was still money in it) and would get years old equipment in with the plastic still in place and I would relish ripping it off revealing a pristine front panel but I just can't bring myself to do it to my awesome Bafang drive.
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    This would be a good addition to the troubleshoot bbsxx kb for units still moving, you mind if I add it?