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Luna BBHSD 48V with PAS only getting low range?

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    Luna BBHSD 48V with PAS only getting low range?

    I have had the Luna Street Legal BBHSD with a 48v Shark Panasonic GA 13.5ah on a old Gary Fisher soft tail mountain bike for two weeks. All BBHSD components are new including the battery. With the battery at 100% (or so I thought) I rode my commute to work 9 miles which has several big hills. I had the PAS on between 4 and 9 but pedaled the entire distance. It used up two out of five bars on the ride. I had three bars when I left work and pedaled all the way home. Half way through the ride, I heard a beep and I looked down and all bars on my battery indicator on my C965 Display were gone. The battery was flashing. I tried to minimize the PAS as much a possible 4 or 5. The battery died right with a mile to go. That means the charge only took me 17 miles. Reading other experiences, this seems really short. How do I start troubleshooting this? Is this normal,a bad battery, or something else?

    The charger I have is the 2 AMP 48v Basic Lithium Charger.
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    I think I figured it out. I'm new to this unit and charger. So it appears I haven't ever completely charged the battery. I have the Smart 2 Amp 48v charger and never charged it until the green light. I had left it in for many hours and then connected it to the bike thinking there was something wrong with the charger. The C965 display would show five bars, however after a 4 miles it would drop to 4 bars. Today, I left it plugged to the charger for many more hours based on a the charger advice to leave it for up to ten hours the first charge!. I got the charger to auto shut off with a green light. Then I took it for a spin. I got great performance and did a quick 4 miles. All five bars are still lit. So this tells me that the C965 Display is not the most precise. I guess I'm just new to this systems and need to understand how everything behaves.