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adding a 12 volt converter

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    adding a 12 volt converter

    Has anyone added a 48 volt to 12 volt converter wired in parallel to their BBS02 battery connection for lights?
    I have been getting an intermittent er30 code with this set up but am not sure if the code is from adding the converter or from something else.
    I have checked and rechecked all the connections except for the connections inside the case for the controller.
    BBS02 still works when the code comes on but screen goes blank and the pal can't be changed.
    The error occurs sporadically after riding a few miles.

    I did so for one of my BBSHDs. Simply wired in parallel with motor connector from battery. No codes.

    Does your bike do this with the 12V loads either off, or on, now?

    How did you wire in the converter?

    I suspect you have a separate issue, unless maybe you cut the power wires and rejoined them when you were wiring the converter. If so, maybe that's a poor connection?

    ER30 is loss of communication with control, 'Communication Error', so not a low voltage condition or something like that. Different wires involved, look at the 8(?) pin connector for the display for the control signal wires, make sure clean, no bend pins, and wiggle wires to see if you can cause an error. Especially where they flex with steering, or have any kinks.

    A noisy converter with RFI or voltage spikes on the power bus could interfere with communications, i suppose, if bad enough. You cold try moving wires around, try to separate or make them perpendicular.

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      Found it easier and more versatile to use an Anker Powercore 20100mah power pack and run the lights off that. Bonus is you can charge and run anything with a usb adapter and you can take it with you easily from the bike. I was originally contemplating doing what you are. Ended up going with the Anker and haven't looked back.
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        Thanks all for the help.
        I think it is a connection some where.
        I think I need to look at the wiring in side the case for the controller, and then if I still get the error try a different converter.


          So after pulling the fuse to disconnect the 12 volt converter from the battery and running the bike for about 40 miles, I had one er30 code at about 6 miles then none after that.
          After 40 miles I put the fuse back in to power the lights again and have not had an error code yet(20 miles of use). Still no idea where the er30 code was coming from.
          Works great for now.