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Error 30 in the BBSHD and BBS02

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    Error 30 in the BBSHD and BBS02

    Error 30 is one of the most common faults we have seen and is a communication error between your bafang components...usually the display and the controller.

    Unfortunately the Bafang set up requires a display (961,963, 965, DCP10) to work properly...this makes the system a bit less reliable.

    First check all your connections and make sure they are connected solidly.

    Jiggle your connections and look for kinks in your wiring harnass.

    If this still works you probably have a fried component. Here are things it could be:
    • Display (most common culprit)
    • Wiring Harness
    • Controller
    • Speedo
    All of these components (besides for controller) are cross compatible with all bafang mid drives. So best is if you have an extra BBSxx bike around you can pull components to test for bad components.

    You should look at all these components, especially the display and the wiring harness and look for signs of physical damage. A crushed wiring harness for example.

    Unfortunately the only course of action we have seen is to try replacing these components one by one until you have solved the issue.

    I got the "err 30" message. It happened after my third ride, I discovered it after charging it. Everything about this set up is new, no crashes, no kind of abuse. I'm curious as to why the error code is not mentioned in the 961 manual that I downloaded from the internet. It would have been nice to have the manual included in the package I received from Luna Cycles. I get that we're in a post-paper booklet age and I am savvy enough to have looked for and found what I assume is the operator's manual for the 961. So for feedback sake, maybe make a mention somewhere on the delivery manifest the address for the owners manual.

    I'll continue to wiggle the connectors before I shell out for a fresh controller.


      Sadly, Bafang doesn't publish any. Bafang error 30 in Google gets a bunch more information than any display manual. All any of them do is give a two or three word response, with no trouble shooting. I had to download 3 manuals 2 years ago to get all the codes. will yield a number of hits. Sometimes it is the controller. BBS02? Magnet distance, speedo sensor lighting up? Usually simple stuff first.


        I bought mine from Luna cycles in February within 2 rides my BMS failed in my slim line pack now with less than 250 miles I'm getting error 30 now I'm going to have to swap out parts till I figure out what is causing it beginning to think this was a big mistake 😞


          Error 30 message and BBSHD failures are extremely rare. Have you messaged support for assistance?


            Hi there guys,

            I'm Thomas from Belgium.
            Seems i've got the same problem with my BBSHD, the ERROR 30H problem.
            a while ago i was riding my bike in stormy weather when suddely i got an 12H code error and my bike stoped working.
            When i was home i checked my bike and found that the controller was not responding anymore.
            i ordered 2 new controllers from LUNABIKES (one spare) an for a short while the problem was fixed.
            I saw that there was water (condens) in the display, so i placed a new one just to be sure.
            later on got the same error and thePAS was not working anymore, so i replaced the PAS-sensor, and again the bike worked fine for a little while.
            then i got a error 8 , so the hall sensors were broken.
            i replaced them to and the bike was fine for a while, again.
            suddenly i got no response from the ebike anymore (display turned on, but no motor activity) it seemed that the board on where the hall sensors are connected was broken, so i ordered a new motorcoil with the board on it. (can't find any replacement for the board online, so if anyone knows where to find it, please let me know)
            now that all those things are replaced, i have a problem with one of the controllers.
            I was trying to write new settings to the bike with the programcable, when the mainpower in the house went of (shortcircuit oven), so the computer shutted of, right on the critical moment i was writing to the controller! (what are the odds huh...)
            now i cant connect to the controller anymore, tried everything that i could find on the web, but no solution and when starting the system i get a ERROR 30H .
            i switched the controller with the extra spare and now it works again.
            So now for the main question, is the previous controller lost? or can it be fixed?
            If it can't be fixed i don't have any spare controller anymore.
            I'm willing to try anything.

            All of these things happened within 3 weeks.

            i've checked everything possible i know of (connectors, wiring) but cant seem to find anything wrong.

            Thx for any answer.

            best regards,

            P.S.: sorry for the bad english
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              I coupled up my BBSHD to a computer for programming it. Was jot able to connect to the comport 12. The usb cable was 12. Changed pc and now I got connection to the cable in com 4 but not in contact with the BBSHD. Wired up the bike again and now it is impossible to start it. The 850C is not starting. Connecte a old 961 display and the bike #boots up" an then ERROR 30 in display. When I turn off the 961 an turn on again the BBSHD will not boot og neiter displays. Used also a 965 display and again error 30 and showing a blinking battery and a engine. What happened. Anyone? I never got contact with the controller at all. Have to change controller?
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              For hints and troubleshooting threads see...


            Maybe I should ask my questions here?

            Hello, I have a new BAFANG BBS01B 36V 350W with the C965 display. I installed the kit to my 20-in bike. It intially had some errors that i do not remember the error code, maybe 21H. After adjusting the speedo location and connection, the thing works. But after a few rides I now have the comminication error 30H. With it, I can still turn on the motor via the throttle. The breaks work (when i pull the leveler, the switch in it cuts off the motor). The speedo also blinks at the passing of the magnet. But it is annoying not to have the display but a flashing 30H. I checked the wire and all the connectors multiple times. Nothing looks apperantly wrong. Could this be a faulty display?



              Had bbs02b clutch problem, pedals turning but only motor works not anymore bicycle but a scooter, with a pedal throttle :)

              Then repair clutch was going to take 3-4 weeks from China.

              Local, in Germany (quick shipment) online sellers were asking over 100e for clutch and tool to remove.

              Since i am a bike courier, making over 500km per week, decided to take another bbs02b and also second motor with guarantee for 500e.

              Second day second motor stopped working, error 30 and then error 21.

              Catastrophe because some days okay but weeks to cycle with normal bike would be too much.

              Got a 3rd as a desperation, to send second one back for refund.

              Just after 3rd arrived, 20 minutes later found the problem causes for error 30 and 21.

              Error 30 and 21 was because my middle double stander, cut the cables of Speed sensor and Gear sensor. Because i didn't make the cabling very well,l when they exit from motor and follow their paths to the speed and gear sensors, they got loosened and double stander was smashing them during its opening. Happy to be found, and fixed.

              3 days later, only error 30, again. And battery is full but sometimes display says 0 percent as well. This time i thought controller. Changed the controller with the one which had clutch problem after 2 years. But it was same error 30.

              Unbelievable, maybe screen was broken. I connected the mobile phone with Speeedy android app, trying to connect to motor, no chance. Connection problem.

              Just before getting mad, was reading that post, was telling to check the parts by changing one by one. Did no chance.

              When i was hopeless, and was going to have only chance to use another. I found gear sensor cable was damaged, disconnected the connectors.

              Magic was that finally. Everything was working fine. And my happy low battery consumption supporting, power downgraded Bbs02b 750 Watt to 280 Watt no was back. Because settings saved to the controller was the only copy i had.

              Tomorrow i will also get a backup of the settings and email to myself too.

              That is my 7 days long bafang bbs02b story with happy end. Soon will be happier when i repair the clutch and have really working backup. It's not good to cycle over 500km per week and on top of a lot of stairs to go up and down.

              Thanks to downgraded Bbs02 it's easier and some fun including as well.

              And thanks for the original post with some ordered general reminders and other experiences as well.

              And bafang error Codes are and which causes what also interesting. I wouldn't expect that much problem from a gear sensor :)