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Outer crank gear too far outbound? I can't get perfect alignment.

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    Outer crank gear too far outbound? I can't get perfect alignment.

    I'm following Cyclone 3kw builds online. And I ran into some builds where their BB/crank chainring was too far in. So they added a washer between the motor mount and the bottom bracket axle nut to push it OUT.

    I can't do that on mine because mine is somehow too far outbound. I would just try to bend the motor mount into placement, but this is the thick motor mount we're talking about here lol.
    It's about 1/8 inch off of so.

    Am I not tightening the threads on the crank arm enough? Usually you don't want to over torque square taper crank arms, right? Or is this different?
    I have the 68mm kit btw.

    Is your fbottom bracket 73mm? They use the same kit but the BB is wider. It's the other common BB width. The crank taper doesn't adjust the width. It just wedges the parts firmly together.
    I haven't built a Cyclone so I won't say more except that I have had 1 side of the BB cut narrower on one of my bikes to bring the chainline in.


      Yeah it is 73mm I think. But the kit should fit the same regardless. All of the crank alignment with the motor comes off the bracket that the motor is attached to.

      Something I noticed, is there's 2 bushings between the motor and the motor bracket. I COULD shave those a little bit, and it would pull the motor outwards, closer to the mounting bracket. But if I mess up, there's no turning back :D

      I guess I could find replacements at Home Depot or Lowes, worse comes to worst.


        OMG there's 2 holes on the motor, I was using the outer holes and when I went to inspect those bushings between the motor and the bracket, the motor jerked towards the inner 2 holes... So i put the bushings in that place, bolted it on, and it's perfectly aligned.

        Now I just have to figure out how to get the tensioner to move outward...