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Cyclone cutting out after a reset

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    Cyclone cutting out after a reset

    I was using the bluetooth app. and tinkering with my controller settings, then decided I would do a reset to start from scratch to replicate my configuration. Now the motor cuts out. If I roll the throttle on slowly it speeds up a little at a time, but if I once I go full throttle the motor cuts out.

    Has anyone run into this before?



    Ok, so I'll answer myself on this one.

    I contacted Cyclone Taiwan and they said the symptoms suggest the controller is not getting enough amperage and shutting down.

    I tested my battery and noticed that parallel group 16 was .3 volts lower than all other groups. Group 16 happens to be the reference stack that the BMS uses to determine where all stacks should balance to. I think the issue happened because my first BMS was bad, and it drained group 16 below all others. I put in the new BMS and then charged the whole stack up, but didn't specifically charge up group 16 to the same voltage as the others. I just assumed everything would balance out. When I charged to 65V group 16 still said it was low, but I figured it was not a problem, and things would still balance out through use/recharge.

    So, I think the battery worked fine at full voltage, but when the whole stack got low, the reference stack was too far out of balance and the new BMS was shutting down output because of it.

    To get things back on track, I opened up my battery, and used my single 18650 charger to slowly bring group 16 to the same voltage as all other stacks. At that point, I was able to plug the battery back in, and get full power out of the motor.

    So the lesson learned is to really trust the status screens in my BMS management software. It was telling me the reference stack was low, I was just being a knucklehead and not believing it.



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      I'd call that self-solving path anything but "knuckleheaded" Jose!

      Well done tracing down the source of the cut-offs.

      Here's hoping that cell-group doesn't keep "falling out of line".

      I pay attention to the messages in my BT app too--but still... I don't always do what's obviously indicated.

      For example, I've got a fast-to-charge, fast-to-discharge cell-group in my 16S LiFePO4 pack.

      I have already ordered the replacement cells--heck, they're right over there stacked up on my shelf. But I don't want to take the whole battery apart right now.

      Maybe that's a little-bit because I'm feeling kinda lazy about it. I'm not too proud to own that. Sure.

      But I also want to see if repeated cycling and balancing will have any effect... And I stubbornly want to squeeze all the useful life I can out of those cells--knowing full-well how many lithium-ion cells in our world get discarded--while they've still plenty of capacity...

      So, I'm here to defend you--and basically remind you that you're anything but a knucklehead!

      You're an inventor/developer/test-pilot of an entirely experimental machine... If you really think about it. That's true for many of us here, but no mistake--it's also no small feat.

      And every one of these self-solving experiences enhances your ability to troubleshoot your Bright-Red 2-Wheeled Cyclone-Powered Cannondale Grin-Making-Machine. It's an invention after all--and inventions don't come with instruction manuals. :-)

      Glad to hear your success!

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    You always have such a great way of putting into perspective the wild-n-wooly nature of what we are doing around here, tklop.

    I shall always fully embrace the test-piloty-ness of my experimental, hooliganing, happy-making, experimental cycle-machine!!!

    On another note, I have collected enough laptop batteries to assemble another battery pack, and I expect more to come. At this rate, I might end up with 3 or 4 packs.