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Cyclone 3000W motor mount modifications (increase rigidity)

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    Cyclone 3000W motor mount modifications (increase rigidity)

    If you came here looking for information about how to get started on the Cyclone 3000W motor kit, please review this other thread first:

    For bottom bracket sizing see this:

    For wiring information, please see this:

    Now here are some of the most common modifications that have been done to the motor mount to make it stronger.

    -The Washer mod:

    This is the simplest modification that will help strengthen the stock mounting hardware. I have clocked ~2000 miles on an eBike at 1.6 kW @ 30mph and gone offroad while towing cargo trailers and on an eTrike runnig 5-6 kW peaks and is capable of almost 60 mph (in conjunction with mod in next post for trike). This has worked fairly well, there are other, and more involved ways to strengthen the mounts that will work for insane offroad duty (again, see next post), but for the price you pay for this mod its a worthy upgrade; plus it won't look like some contraption from a Frankenstein movie, and you don't have to drill or change anything on the stock mounting hardware either. Its as easy as it gets and IMO a good compromise that has served me well for over 2500 combined miles (trike and bike)

    Here are the bolts that need to be red loctited so they don't come lose.

    And here is where you need to place a bunch of washers to fix the flexing support. This added a considerable amount of torsional rigidity. (in BLUE)

    Make sure the washers are almost flush with the tube, you don't want your washers too big.

    Make sure you use an ISIS BB too, and tighten the mounts to the BB super hard so they can't be moved by hand alone.

    -The side plate mod. (aka Robocam side plate, and also used on the LR Cyclone motor mount upgrade)

    This mod in conjunction with the washer mod has proven to be very reliable. It is one step more complex than the simple washer mod but this should provide much better holding for increased "rough handling". I have a slight variation of this mod done on my 6 kW eTrike... and works well. This mod has also been done by Robocam on his Cyclone kit with very good results, and I think the LR Cyclone upgraded bracket mount uses this side plate mod as well. There are many ways to implement this upgrade; you can either use the stock bolt diameter, or you can go with a larger bolt diameter, its up to you. The side plate needs to be cut and drilled, anything that is thick enough will work (don't use balsa wood). I would say anything like 3 or 4 mm thick AL plate should work. This mod can also be done using carbon fir, a 4mm carbon fiber plate should work really well too. I have 1500 miles as of this update with this mod and nothing has moved out of place. I have a 2nd trike with another C3000W kit and nothing has moved on that one either, this I think is the strongest motor mount mod you can do.

    The needed parts are in GREEN and in YELLOW on the following CAD renders.

    You need longer YELLOW bolts, and a longer green spacer that is flush with the motor bolt mount; and obviously you need to make the plate as well. This drawing is dimensionless and I used it for analysis so you'll have to do the measurements on your own kit. If someone wants to chime in with the dimensions that would be super helpful as well. Robocam?

    Another view:

    And assembled.

    -The 100 dollar mod.

    Someone on another forum came up with this motor mount replacement; claims its bulletproof, and I have to agree to that. Its more complex to make than any of the previous mods, (or you can pay 100 bucks) but it really doesn't really take much to make if you have access to a good jigsaw and a drill press with some stock AL blocks.

    Notice there are two additional bolts that go through the mounting plates, and the solid dark purple-cyan colored blocks hold the motor in place. You could do this with the side plate mod; but I think this mod is pretty much a stand alone mod.

    Another view here:

    -KMX Trike mount diagram with side plate mod and washer mod.

    If anyone is interested in building a KMX trike with a Cyclone motor this is how you attach the motor to the boom so it doesn't flip up when you give it throttle. This is how my KMX trike mount is actually built., along with a sideplate mod. The two red plates add an insane amount of rigidity to the motor mount, along with the side plate. Mine is bolted exactly the same as it is on diagram.


    PS: If you're looking for the old thread here it is:
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